The best Metroidvania games on Nintendo Switch

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The Nintendo Switch is the perfect console to play a special kind of game called Metroidvania. A genre heavily influenced by the Metroid series and Castlevania games symphony of the night Next, Metroidvania games combine platforming, exploration, role-playing, customization mechanics, and combat into one massive adventure.

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There are no set rules for the genre, but in general, a Metroidvania game will involve fighting off enemies, finding ways to progress past closed doors or inaccessible areas, and learning new abilities. The 2D side-scrolling style makes these games perfect for Switch, and we’ve rounded up some of the best games to play on consoles. These are the best Metroidvania games on Switch.

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hollow knight

Hollow Knight to survive the attack of a big bug.

One of the most atmospheric and entertaining games available on Nintendo Switch, hollow knight Understands what makes Metroidvania games work. The world is full of passages and quirks that include secrets, enemies and upgrades, and the combat is simple enough not to overwhelm you but with enough special moves to make it interesting.


In a world full of insects, many of which want you to die, you must always be on your toes. Friendships Can Be Formed in Unexpected Places, and It Always Seems One The path you haven’t taken yet. hollow knightUsing a spirit-like posture-decline system makes every dangerous moment equally stressful. Keep an eye on the upcoming sequel, Hollow Knight: Silksong.

metroid dread

Samus posing after killing the boss in Metroid Dread.
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The latest entry in the series that started it all, metroid dread It finally brings the series to the Nintendo Switch with the conclusion of the Core series that debuted back on the NES. We’re back in the shoes of bounty hunter Samus Aran as he faces a new threat that haunts him during this new adventure. Some staples of the Metroid series, including familiar upgrades to discover, but this latest game does a lot to spice up the formula.

The combat is tighter, faster and more cinematic than ever. Exploration is quick thanks to smooth pace and satisfying platforming, and the bosses are a sight to behold in Samus’ best-looking game yet. Whether you play handheld or on the big screen, metroid dread May not completely replace its established style but surely it proves that it is still one of the best. take a look at our metroid dread Tips if you are just starting out.

Super Daryl Deluxe

A man alive on a shark attacking a muscular cactus.

imaginary world? Who needs them when you have a prototype American high school? Super Daryl Deluxe Starring a silent protagonist who is basically ready to do all the little tasks told to him by the other students, and this usually involves going to class and entering a level inspired by his subjects.

You meet classic historical figures like Genghis Khan and Georgia O’Keefe, usually fighting monsters that keep you from progressing in school. real attraction Super Daryl Deluxe, however, comes from its excellent writing, which has just the right mix of satire and historical references. It comes wrapped in a gorgeous hand-crafted style package that also has some killer tunes.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

A man in blue shoots a chain from his arm around a woman.

The term “Metroidvania” initially came later. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night The series moved from mostly linear action to an open-ended environment, and director Koji Igarashi took part with the concept for later games. With Konami showing little interest in creating a new Castlevania title using this style, Igarashi took it upon himself to design a spiritual successor: Bloodstained: The ritual of the night.

Featuring a similar horror setting and horror inspired enemies, it feels like a modern symphony of the night We never got it, and its deeply customizable system gives you tons of options in how you face its many enemies.

dead cells

Dead Cells character shooting a bow and arrow.

dead cells It’s different from many Metroidvania games in that it’s also inspired by the roguelike genre – it features permanent death, so you won’t be able to re-try any areas you struggled with right away. Instead, you must improvise with each subsequent “run” through its world, mastering the patterns of various enemies and bosses, and choosing the upgrades necessary to do so.

Although dead cells Uses pixel art often associated with the 16-bit era, the fluidity of animations and depth of colors are something we wouldn’t have seen back in the ’90s, giving the game a unique flavor.

Steamworld Dig 2

An underground settlement with green seeping beneath it.

Image & Form has quietly become one of the most talented and admired developers in Europe, and Steamworld Dig 2 Stands as one of its finest creations. Set largely underground, the vast world is classic Metroidvania as you try to discover the cause of the earthquake, as are the variety of enemies you’ll face and the gear upgrades you can get.

One thing that sets it apart from the pack, though, is a hook-shot mechanic that you can use to make your way through certain areas as if you were linked in. Ocarina of Time. The mix of cartoony art style and atmosphere helps keep things feeling light and fresh, even when there’s hot lava beneath your feet.

Guacamelli! 2

An evil cactus is writing its master plan on the chalkboard.

Original Guacamelli Metroidvania was a love letter to the genre, but it built on it largely by featuring a deep and combo-focused combat system with its luchador protagonist, Juan. The sequel doesn’t fix what wasn’t broken, retains the same flashy attacks, but includes a new upgrade system and even sharper visuals inspired by Mexican folklore.

The game also includes drop-in four-player cooperative play so your friends and family can have fun whenever they want, and there are tons of new bosses for you to beat to the pulpit. Drinkbox Studios has the ability to make every punch feel exquisite, so you’ll enjoy fighting even the most mundane enemies.

Axiom Nerdshala 2

The main character of Axiom Verge 2 looks at a statue

Original axiom Nerdshala There was nothing subtle about hiding his Metroid inspirations at all. Everything, including the art style, exploration, and even the atmosphere, felt like they could be pulled out of an unreleased Metroid title. The sequel builds on everything originally set up and moves forward in this pleasantly haunting experience.

Axiom Nerdshala 2 is a mind-boggling and deep game that builds on its Metroid-inspired gameplay with its twisted storyline, new abilities, and cleverly designed map. It shows that you can create something special while still drawing heavily from previous works. Although available on practically everything, Axiom Nerdshala 2 Definitely feels like home on the Nintendo Switch.


Owl carrying a green soldier.

Why just run when you can fly? In Owl, you can take to the skies to conquer obstacles and carry almost anything to aid you in your objectives, and use a special spin attack to defeat enemies or send projectiles flying back at them can be done. Flying adds a whole new twist to puzzle solving, and the sky-based worlds you explore have a sense of whimsy and charm that’s perfect for a Nintendo system.

Developer D-Pad Studio has placed a greater emphasis on storytelling than we usually see from the genre, as the decade-in-the-making project is silent as well as focused on protagonist Otus’ struggle with a new foe. Is.


Enemy attacking messenger with green balls.

Courier, like many games on our list, pays homage to a classic action-platformer – Ninja Gaiden — but the original games on the NES weren’t actually Metroidvania titles. This is addressed in the gameplay itself, which begins as an 8-bit linear action game before eventually shifting to the 16-bit art style.

When that happens, the game opens up and turns into Metroidvania, effectively delivering a game with an entirely new adventure. There are tons of hidden levels to discover and upgrades to give your character, all bundled into an experience that highlights well-defined controls compared to the games that inspired it.

super metroid

Samus is walking through the blue door.

possibly greatest game in full style, super metroid It was not available on the Nintendo Switch upon its initial release. In fact, it wasn’t until late 2019 that the Nintendo Switch Online service began offering it to customers as a free bonus, and the Super NES Classic still remains a great achievement. The terrifying environment created with such restricted hardware surpasses that of Nintendo’s most recent Metroidvania games, and the world’s elaborate structures and designs are filled with innovative gadgets and abilities thanks to Samus.

Super Metroid May No technically be one Nintendo Switch Games Because it is just an emulator for SNES. However, it’s a testament to the quality of the game, which makes us want to return to it along with the countless other options available on the system. super metroid demonstrated that as much can be achieved in extraordinary science-fiction games as is the undisputed gold standard for film and the genre as a whole.

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