The best Roku TVs for 2021

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If you’re in the market for a new TV, you’ve probably already had to try sorting through all the smart TVs as well as the streaming media options available. From Google TV to Apple TV, there’s no shortage of different ways to watch the content you want, but not all are equal. Chances are, though, if you’re here, you’ve already done some research and learned that Roku TV ranks high on the list as one of the top TV platforms and can be found on TVs from many manufacturers, including TCL. could. , Hisense, RCA, Sharp, and more.

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With all kinds of sets ranging from under $500 to a $1,000-plus 8K TCL Roku TV, there really is a Roku TV suitable for any budget. And no matter what you choose, you’re going to get a smart TV with great features and apps for streaming from all the major services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, HBO, and more.

Our picks are among the best you can get currently Tcl 6-series, as it has the best picture quality for its price and is packed with features like Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG support. But, of course, there’s a lot more worth exploring before you make your final decision, including which TCL and Hisense are heading for the cream of the crop, so we’ve put together this list of the best Roku TVs available right now to make it easier. kept together. .


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Best Roku TVs at a Glance

Roku TCL 6-Series

TCL 6-Series MiniLED 4K TV.

Why you should buy this: This is simply the best picture quality you can get for the price.

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what’s that for: Gamers and movie lovers who want excellent picture quality and don’t mind digging into some settings menus to get it.

Why we picked the TCL 6-Series:

For several years now, TCL’s 6-series has been our top choice for value, and the company’s 2020 model makes this Roku TV an even more compelling product. TCL’s 2019 8-Series was the first TV to use Mini-LED for backlighting, but this year, the feature has moved to the 6-Series, giving it better overall picture quality while keeping the price under $1,000.

While its black levels and contrast aren’t as good as the best QLED and OLED TV models, the difference has never been smaller. It’s a feat that’s all the more remarkable when you consider the price: the 2020 TCL 6-Series starts at around $899 ($949 from TCL) for the 55-inch model.

With Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG support as well as a THX-certified game mode, the LED TV 6-Series has you covered for all types of streaming video and all types of gaming. It is also Dolby Atmos-enabled. This isn’t a big deal in terms of the sound the TV produces—like most TVs, the 6-Series isn’t equipped with home theater-caliber audio—but it’s a big deal if you plan on connecting the 6-Series. Is. A Dolby Atmos A/V receiver or soundbar. Any of these add-ons will dramatically improve your audio when watching content with Dolby Atmos sound support.

This Roku smart TV also has a voice-enabled Roku remote control that lets you issue commands to control TV functions like “start Netflix” or “Tom Cruise” to find all the movies and shows that this actor plays. shows to. If you already have a smart speaker, Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility gives you access to many of the same voice commands through the smart speaker.

There are only two small caveats when considering Tcl 6-series. Firstly, getting the best picture quality will require a little time and patience, as this TCL TV does not come from the factory which already has the best settings. Second, those already looking to buy a next-generation gaming console like the Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 should know that the TV’s support for 120Hz refresh rate tops out at 1440p resolution.

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TCL 6-Series 8K (2021)

Front view of TCL 6-Series 8K (2021).

Why you should buy this: Great picture quality for those seeking maximum resolution, and it’s the most affordable 8K TV on the market.

what’s that for: Those looking for a no-compromise Roku TV with as high a resolution as possible.

Why we picked the TCL 6-Series 8K (2021):

If cost isn’t that important to you and you prefer to choose a QLED with the highest possible resolution for your images, this stunning 8K 6-Series model has everything you could want. It incorporates TCL’s latest Mini-LED QLED technology in a tight, sturdy design.

Colors and shading are also impressive on this model: 240 localized light fields keep the contrast ratio accurate, while the AIPQ engine supports HDR and automatically optimizes color and clarity based on what you’re viewing. Note that larger sizes will benefit more from 8K resolution: We opted for a 65-inch to start this model, but a 75-inch option is also available!

The TV supports refresh rates of up to 120Hz and includes four HDMI ports as well as a USB one. Voice command support for Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant is also available for playback and controlling the TV’s smart features.

Keep in mind, 8K TVs also require 8K content to take full advantage of the resolution, and it’s not really available to consumers yet. We’ve seen some 8K content at things like the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, but it’s not yet available on standard channels or streaming services. think about it TCL 6-Series Models The future as 8K becomes more common for your viewing years. Until then, you can enjoy advanced 4K content and more.

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Hisense R6 Series, 65R6G (2021)

Hisense 65R6G.

Why you should buy this: It’s a well-priced, big, and beautiful 65-inch 4K HDR TV with all the features of the more expensive Hisense model plus all the benefits of the Roku platform.

what’s that for: Those who want the big picture and quality that competes with the big brands at a better price.

Why we picked the Hisense 65R6G:

These days, a large display size doesn’t mean you have to empty your wallet to afford a TV. also known as R6 Series R6E4 (the latest version of the R6E3), the Hisense 65R6G is nearly identical to its predecessor, but lighter (36.4 pounds), has slightly improved audio, and adds an HDMI arc to its list of connections for even more versatility when connecting. And adds an optical. receivers, speaker systems, and more.

Offering a massive 65-inch screen at a very affordable sub-$800 price, the 65RG6’s UHD LED-powered 4K resolution ensures you get the best picture possible, and the HDR10 Plus helps optimize Dolby Vision content. helps so that you can always have the best experience. The sound isn’t bad either, with DTS sound powered by dual 10-watt speakers, and while it’s not Atmos surround sound, the DTS is known for its clear and immersive experience.

The Hisense R6 Series 65R6G may be affordable, but it doesn’t skimp on features. As well as being powered by the Roku platform, its smart features are pretty impressive and include voice assistant compatibility with Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri, and it’s Apple AirPlay and HomeKit compatible so you can use it with a variety of compatible devices. be able to integrate.

Additionally, the 65RG6 also has separate modes for adjusting viewing settings for things like movies and games, and gamers will be interested to know that there’s a game mode to help reduce input lag . The refresh rate is limited to 60Hz, so hardcore gamers may want to look elsewhere, but Hisense 65R6G Is a highly capable TV that offers a lot without breaking the budget.

Hisense R7 Series

The Hisense R7 Series 4K Roku TV.

Why you should buy this: It’s an impressive mid-of-the-road package that can still be a reliable upgrade from an older TV.

what’s that for: Switching from smaller TVs to larger models to enjoy 4K – while on a budget.

Why we picked the Hisense R7 Series 4K HDR Roku TV:

This Ultra HD HDR TV offers some of the best resolution and color saturation at its price. Support for HDR10 and HLG is included, and since most HDR content is available in these two formats, that’s enough to cover multiple movies, games, or even the shows you’re watching. Plus, like other 4K TVs, it can play any non-4K content in 4K. can extend to oath.

The TV has many of the same advantages as the Roku player, including a voice-controlled remote for managing TV shows, a user-friendly interface, companion Roku apps that work on Android and iOS, and access to Alexa and Google Assistant. .

NS Hisense R7 SeriesThe quality is impressive, and it’s one of the best Roku models you can find at this size and price combination, making it an overall robust solution—especially if you’re upgrading from a smaller TV to a 40-inch model. are. Ports include HDMI 2.0b, RCA, and options for Ethernet or Wi-Fi connections.

TCL 3-Series 32S335

TCL 3-Series 32S335.

Why you should buy this: It gives you all the benefits of a Roku TV at a rock-bottom price.

what’s that for: For those who want the simplicity of a Roku TV but want to keep things as affordable as possible.

Why we picked the TCL 3-Series 32S335:

If screen size doesn’t mind, you can save a lot of money by shrinking the 32-inch screen while still getting all the TV features, including built-in Roku support. This makes the Roku TV model a great pick as a secondary TV (say, in a kitchen or bedroom), or a TV that you’ll be relatively close to and won’t need anything large (like in a loft or dorm).

NS TCL 3-Series 32S335 Model Includes dual-band Wi-Fi for your wireless connection, three HDMI 2.0 ports for managing multiple devices, optical audio out, composite, and a USB-A connection if needed by your media player. The TV also works with Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can perform voice search or quick volume commands without needing a remote (not all Roku features will be supported by voice commands). The only downside to this extra-affordable TV is that the resolution only reaches 720p, but…

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