The best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 deals for September 2021

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This week’s best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip deals can get you this incredibly slick new foldable flagship for less than you think. Not only is this new device cheaper than previous Fold 2 phones, but there are a ton of great options right now for saving on both carrier and unlocked devices, despite only being launched last month.

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In fact, its $999 starting price makes it around the same price as the Galaxy S21 Plus, though no one would dare call the Galaxy Z Flip 3 an ‘affordable’ device by stretch of the imagination. That said, there are some nifty ways to save some cash on pre-orders with this week’s initial Galaxy Z Flip 3 deals, which you can check out below.

Key upgrades include a new Snapdragon 888, an expanded cover screen four times the size shown on the previous model, and some new camera software upgrades. Samsung has also improved the refresh rate of the internal display, so it’s zipping along at 120Hz – which brings it in line with all the latest flagship devices on the market.


We’ve attached a mini-review at the bottom of the page, right below this week’s best Galaxy Z Flip 3 deals, in case you want to read a little more about the specifications of this device.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Deals

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3: Save up to $800 with trade-in, plus up to $500 with number port-in
It’s not every day that you see savings of up to $1,300 on a single device, but this week you’ve got exactly that with Verizon’s Galaxy Z Flip 3 deals. To get the maximum savings, you’ll both need to trade in an eligible device and switch from another carrier, but these savings are actually mutually exclusive. Existing customers can upgrade too – provided they’re on an eligible unlimited data plan and have a good phone to do business with. View Deals

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3: Save up to $1,000 with eligible trade-ins and a new plan
There aren’t any major new customer promotions for AT&T’s Galaxy Z Flip 3 deals (unlike Verizon), but its maximum savings of up to $1,000 with one trade-in is still absolutely fantastic. That’s actually enough to cover the full cost of the device here, though you’ll have to hand over a recent device to get that full discount. As always, you’ll need to sign up for an eligible unlimited plan (upgrades also available). View Deals

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3: 50% off Galaxy Buds 2, plus up to $600 off with trade-in at Samsung
Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 3 deals aren’t as good as they were at the launch of this device, but they’re still pretty good. You can no longer get a free pair of Galaxy Buds 2, but the retailer will give you 50% off if you buy from the official store. Plus, it’s still the best place to take an unlocked device, thanks to its excellent trade-in program—which will even take a broken device. View Deals

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3: Save up to $400 with activation, plus up to $1,000 with eligible trade-ins
you will get the best career And Galaxy Z Flip 3 deals were unlocked this week at Best Buy – a retailer that offers both trade-in and activation discounts on all devices. In particular, we recommend checking out the $300 activation discount that’s available on unlocked devices right now—a handy savings that could potentially drop the price to just $799.99. View Deals

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 deals: What you need to know

In the end, Samsung has finally managed to do what seemed impossible just a few years ago – produce a foldable device that actually costs the same amount as the otherwise designated ‘normal’ device. Well, relatively speaking – the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 still costs $999 at launch, which isn’t exactly pocket change.

This puts it in the same price bracket as ‘plus’-sized flagships like the iPhone 12 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus – powerful devices, but no more powerful than the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, thanks to its new Snapdragon 888 chipset. Simply put, you’re not paying all that new-tech innovation tax to go with a foldable device, and you’re also getting some new design improvements.

While, upon initial inspection, the Flip 3 may look like its predecessor, it now features a cover display that’s four times larger, an upgraded internal screen capable of a 120Hz refresh rate, and a reinforced hinge that’s comparable to those I feel very strong on the previous folded device. Samsung has also ditched the glass exterior design for this new iteration, instead opting for a new ‘Glasstic’ design. Some may not welcome that change, but it means a cheaper device—and one that’s more durable.

look at our hands Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Review

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