The best sports bras for running, yoga, and more

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Buying a sports bra can be a really unpleasant and frustrating experience. If you have a large cup size, you may comb through many websites and stores and still not find a supportive sports bra that you need during high-impact workouts such as running Or HIIT. If you have a small chest, some bras are simply uncomfortable or don’t provide enough coverage in general — two things you don’t want if you’re relying on your sports bra. Pilates class Or contribution.

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It gets worse the more your body doesn’t conform to industry-defined standards—which makes knowing what to look for in a sports bra and finding the right fit more complicated.

what to look for in a sports bra

What you should be looking for in a sports bra depends on two major factors: your bra size and what you will be doing in the bra. For example, if you need a sports bra for running or a high-impact sport, chances are you need more support than a regular bra. But that same bra might not feel as comfortable in yoga class (and you may not need the same level of extra support). You also want to consider the fabric. If you’re going to sweat a lot, you’ll want an athletic bra made of moisture-wicking fabric and a mesh panel or two. If your workout is more low-key, it won’t be as important. If you’re not sure how much support you need from workout to workout, you can also opt for a bra with removable cups.


There are a few other things to keep in mind when buying a sports bra.

Help: Do you need high, low or medium support? High-impact activities guarantee more support for better rest, but depending on your individual cup size and preference, you may feel better with more support no matter what workout you do. Typically, high-support bras have molded cups, a wider band, and adjustable straps to help you get a better fit. There may also be an underwire bra that you can use as a workout bra.

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Straps: For a more custom fit, look for bras that have adjustable straps. If you’re worried about strap slippage and don’t want to wear a workout bra with adjustable straps, consider a racerback bra. If you can’t find a fully adjustable strap, the racerback style can hold up better too.

Fit: Fit goes beyond band size. Some sports bras have a more compressive fit, while others move more with your body. If you don’t want a compression bra, look for bras that say “low-impact” or “yoga bras.” These will give you minimal support, but still provide some coverage.

How we chose this sports bra

We (Mercy and Amanda) have been shopping sports bras for various workouts for years. We are both fitness junkies and between the two of us, we have tried almost every type of workout – spin class, CrossFitRunning, long distance dancing, cardio, HIIT, yoga, Pilates, hiking – just to name a few.

We tried several sports bras using our personal experiences to find some of the best that performed and stood out to us over the years. With that in mind, we are both on the smaller chested side, so we can’t talk about all types and sizes. But these are the best sports bras and styles we’ve found that work for us in the hope that you find the right sports bra that works for you too.

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