The best survival games for PS5

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Technically speaking, almost all video games are survival games. If you can die, your goal is to avoid doing so, except in very rare exceptions. However, the survival style takes it to an extreme level. Rather than worrying about getting shot, stabbed, or falling from a pit, Survival sports realism by incorporating a number of systems that other genres tend to overlook for convenience. While it would be incredibly annoying and intrusive to worry about being hungry and thirsty while fighting a dragon or collecting coins, in survival games these things become satisfying challenges to overcome.

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The PS5 has plenty of high-profile games, with a lot in the way of their major studios and third parties, but survival games don’t always get the same level of exposure they deserve. Some come from very small teams, while others only arrive long after they are released, or in early access on other platforms. Thanks to backward compatibility, however, the amount of high-quality titles in this genre available on the PS5 is at an all-time high. Between all the different settings, systems, perspectives, and more, survival games can vary greatly within their genre. To help you uncover what you love the most, we’ve rounded up all the best survival games for PS5.

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Subnautica: Under Zero

A scuba diver in an exotic ocean.

If there’s one thing survival games must do, it’s to really scare you. Yes, hunger, thirst, and other meters ticking down can stress you out, but ultimately it’s the environment in which you’re trying to survive, or things trying to kill you, that make it a really frightening one. Makes experience. that’s the part that makes Subnautica: Under Zero Such a great survival game. Not only is the setting of a planet that’s effectively unique to a vast ocean… well… just about any game, but also totally tickles that uncomfortable part of our brains who is afraid of what Courage lurking beneath the surface of the water. Because it’s an alien world, we can’t even try to rationalize ourselves, because there could be a much bigger monster out there than we all know.


The power curve in this game is really refreshing. As you become more powerful, which really means more capable and able to search further, you are also forced to start exploring areas you don’t want. Being able to stay underwater for long periods of time is great, but it means you’ll need to dive into that underwater cave, who knows what’s inside, or if you’re on the surface before you finally get out. But the wind will be able to come back. It makes the bases you build more meaningful. These are some of the places where you can really feel safe and relaxed, and they are completely your own creation.


Three cannibals attack a man with a Molotov.
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Forest like takes the basic premise of the show Lost, where you survive a plane crash on a mysterious island that has way more going on than meets the eye, but somehow makes it even harder. We won’t spoil the plot details, which a lot of survival games don’t even bother with, but it’s a refreshing change of pace to keep the goal in mind when attempting to survive against both the elements and hostile forces. get you. It’s a great way to literally and figuratively push you out of your comfort zone and experience the tension of exploration and combat. A forested island setting isn’t very unique, but that’s how the game begins. A large amount of the game involves diving into deep networks of caves that require various items and equipment to move back and forth.

Survival mechanics are your standard fare. You need to eat and drink, as well as manage any injuries and craft all kinds of weapons and armor. You will be surrounded by cannibal tribes which are quite dynamic and intelligent. They will approach cautiously, sometimes not even attacking unless you show aggression. Their designs are really disturbing, especially when you catch only the slightest glimpse of you standing on the edge of your light source amidst the shadows of trees. Even ignoring the main story, there’s plenty of materials to collect, structures and objects to build, and places to explore. Forest, The only rough edge is in the inventory system, which is presented as all of your items thrown out of your bag. This can make figuring things out, especially when you need materials for crafting, much more cumbersome and time-consuming than a traditional grid or inventory system.

7 days to die

A big zombie lady is attacking.

It wasn’t the first, and certainly won’t be the last, but 7 days to die Definitely one of the best survival games set in zombie apocalypse. Technically the game is still in early access but has been in development since 2013. While it’s still getting a lot of content and technical updates, the development time has made the game more worth putting on this list. The basic idea is as simple as they come: you roam a world surrounded by zombies and need to find a way to survive for as long as possible. The generated world is full of places to explore, from neighborhoods, lonely cabins in the woods to cities and factories. Adventure with friends is especially fun and exciting.

On the other end of things, you also have a ton of RPG mechanics to help you curve the survival mechanics. You earn XP for almost everything, though killing zombies is more than the lowest-risk tasks, and you can even search for rewards. It is one of the more brutal sports, in which things like sickness and disease, temperature, and of course hunger and thirst are deadly enough if left unnoticed. Then there are zombies, which are manageable during the day, but can, and do, overwhelm you when night falls. Oh, and make sure you build your base and character for a huge swarm that attacks every seventh day.


Killing a chicken with a wooden axe.

Not all survival games need to be brutal. In fact, the casual nature of Minecraft’s Survival mechanics, should you even choose to play with them, are part of what makes this game so adorable. This juggernaut of a title is one of the most recognizable games of all time, especially with it being an open sandbox for anything you can do in it. This involves playing it as a survival experience, which is essentially the “main” game. There are alternate goals and things you can do to make it more difficult, but you can also just play it as a more relaxing experience, though you’ll probably get stronger at that, if not all. The general danger in the game will be negligible and mundane.

so why is Minecraft Still one of the best survival games? Because what a disgusting experience it is. If you want to build an impenetrable fortress and set up defenses that not only kill incoming threats but automatically collect and distribute your loot, you can do that. If you want to challenge yourself not to stay in one base for more than a night and fight all the final game bosses without dying, that’s also an option. So everything is in between, whether alone or with friends.


Killing the boar with a bow and arrow.

War has a lot to do with 7 days to die, Both entered Early Access in 2013 and have similar visual styles and hardcore survival mechanics, but War Have actually seen an official release. Regardless, it is still getting the same number of updates and patches as it was before its launch. The biggest difference between these two survival games is the main threat. In 7 days to die You (and your friends if you decided to play online) had endless piles of zombies to contend with while trying to survive. In War, it is mainly the other players that will be your biggest obstacle. There’s no single-player mode in this game, so you’re never safe from another player, or gang of players, who steal what you have and whatever you have.

From the start, you only have a rock and a torch, which are the least amount of tools you need to start building your own. You need to secure sources of food, water, shelter, clothing, as well as avoid radioactive areas. Dangerous wildlife can be a big problem in the beginning, and survivors alone usually don’t go very far. key to long life War Forming and banding together alliances to pool resources and make themselves a difficult target for groups raiding weaker players. Or, you can raid and steal all the supplies you need. It’s a harsh world out there, which sometimes tells itself to be a little ruthless.

Ark: Survival Evolved

Shooting a forcefield with a Trax roaring.

Ark: Survival Evolved Combines the ancient and the futuristic in one survival package. Just think of the Turok franchise, with only survival elements, and you have a great idea about the game. You can play either solo or online, as well as from a first or third person perspective, and are set on a vast world called the Ark filled with prehistoric creatures. You start out as somewhat primitive, as you often do in these games, but can eventually work your way up to destroying lasers and building a base. Since its release, there have been five paid DLC packs adding new maps, technology, events, resources, and creatures, with potentially more on the way. It also includes a very thorough RPG system for leveling up, end game bosses, and hundreds of things to do in between.

main road Ark: Survival Evolved What sets itself apart, Dinosaurs, are much more than a replacement for the normal wildlife in other survival games. The more than 170 creatures that live in the ark are fully dynamic, creating an entire ecosystem of which are predators and which are prey. For the most part, you are the prey, but a key component and draw to this game is the ability to tame most dinosaurs for your own use. It’s not easy, and it will take hours before you can try to tame the dinosaurs that only appear at the max level. This is another game…

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