The Best Tablets for Work and Play

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pills are not necessary, But it’s nice to have them. A good tablet can be a portable TV screen around the house And A way to do some light work from your desk. Plus, with tons of apps for drawing, painting, and making music, they’re a great outlet for your creative impulses.

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The iPad’s ease of use and best-in-breed software make it the obvious choice for most people, but if you don’t want an iPad, there are other options. Android tablets have become more powerful in recent years. Amazon’s Fire tablet is also an affordable way to get the basics, like watching movies and browsing the web, as long as you don’t mind their limitations. If you want a tablet that doubles as a laptop, the iPad or Windows 2-in-1 may be your best bet. Our pick of the best tablets can help you decide.

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Updated October 2021: We’ve added new iPads and Surface devices.

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