The best yoga mats for 2021

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contribution can be the perfect workout to stay during coronavirus pandemic. It relieves stress and tension, helps to move your body and calms your mind. To get started, a perfect yoga mat is a must–it can be make or break your yoga practice. You want something that can support you, even if you have sweaty hands. Some need a mat with extra grip or cushioning. There are yoga mats for every possible yoga practitioner; The hard part is finding the right one for you.

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While there are many ways to practice it – such as hot yoga, hatha yoga, Bikram yoga and Iyengar yoga – there are some non-negotiables when it comes to choosing a yoga mat. You want something durable with a nonslip surface and good grip, because no one wants to slip and slip in a sweat, lose your balance and hurt your knees in 15 minutes in yoga class. Then there are the comfort factors, like the thickness of the yoga mat. Some people excel with a thin mat, while others want a thicker mat for a yoga session. Then there are accessories like the yoga mat towel or yoga socks that a beginner may want to invest in before setting up a home yoga studio or heading to a hot yoga class.

The sheer number of choices can be overwhelming when it comes to yoga mats—there are over 30,000 results for “yoga mats” on Amazon. You have literally thousands of options whether you are looking for cork yoga mats, eco-friendly yoga mats, rubber mats or foam mats. However, don’t be overwhelmed! This roundup of mats we’ve tested can guide your next yoga mat purchase, whether you’re heading to a class with a yoga instructor or moving through pose after pose living room floor. We will update this as we review more products.

What to keep in mind while buying a yoga mat


Depending on your needs, you can scoop up a standard yoga mat at TJ Maxx for about $10, or you may need to spend a bit more with more features, like one with an extra grippy surface. A nonslip mat.

Consider what types of activities you will be using your new yoga mat for and where you will take your mat. Also take into account your height (are you a tall person who needs a tall yoga mat?) and any other physical considerations, such as pain in your knees or back that may require a yoga mat with extra cushioning.

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Here are some helpful questions to ask yourself when choosing a good yoga mat:

Will you be using it indoors, outdoors or both? Almost any mat is suitable for indoor yoga, but if you’re planning to do yard work, you want something sturdier and more durable.

Would you use it for hot yoga? If you’re using it for hot yoga, look for a mat made of a non-slip-grip material so you don’t slide around as you sweat. You want something that’s not extra messy or has a slippery surface sticky.

Do you need to take it on an airplane or other small place? Look for a travel yoga mat. These slim mats roll up or fold into a compact size so you can easily pack them into a small yoga mat bag or luggage.

Do you need extra cushion or length? Standard mats run between an eighth of an inch and a quarter of an inch of cushioning. If you need a cushion for your knees, hands, or back, you’ll need something thicker, like a half-inch mat. Length wise, the standard is 68 inches, so tall people will benefit from a longer mat if they want their entire body to fit on the mat, including their feet.

what is your budget? Inexpensive mats are best for a beginner yogi who isn’t sure they’ll last as well as a yoga practice for those who don’t practice regularly. If you practice several days a week, a high-quality mat will save you more money in the long run, as you won’t need to replace your mat as often.

The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended to be health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives.

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