The brutal gap between ambition and reality in addressing climate change

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One thing that was inevitable at COP26 was the staggering inconsistency between action pledges and the current global energy and emissions trajectory.

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big picture: The chart above shows the increase in global fossil fuel consumption, even as there has been an increase in renewable energy.

  • Usage dips in 2020 during pandemic but emissions bounce again this year. Those steep and sustained cuts that are going to help enable summits like COP26? Nowhere in the evidence.

What are they saying: Columbia University climate expert Jason Bordoff discusses this ambition-reality gap “Talking Politics” Podcast Affiliated to the London Review of Books.

  • “Right now, I fear it is getting wider, because fortunately, ambition is being elevated. But the higher the ambition, the greater the gap widens, until the reality is faster or faster. doesn’t begin to change,” he said. ,
  • “And the reality is that oil use is increasing every year, gas use is increasing every year, coal is rising now, maybe it’s going to plateau, it’s not falling off a cliff. And how much of this math The hardest thing is decarbonization.”
  • “So we just need to change that reality more quickly. And the math is forgiving.”

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