The Elder Scrolls Online: Everything you need to know about Companions

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the Elder Scrolls Online recently launched Blackwood Chapters, offering a whole new area to explore, along with a variety of finds, group activities, and collectibles. The biggest addition, however, is the innovative new companion system – which gives you a permanent follower to assist you on your adventures.

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Only players who have purchased Blackwood Chapters can take advantage of this feature, but it’s arguably one of the biggest – and most exciting – changes we’ve seen. He in years. If you’re just starting to explore the powerful ally system, here are some tips and tricks to get you on your way.

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What are the companions in The Elder Scrolls Online?


Like the stomach system that’s already available He, Companions will tag your adventures and follow you wherever you go. However, there is one big difference – partners can interact with the world and react to your decisions. They’ll be with you while you quest, help out in battle, and can even be customized with a variety of skills and costumes.

Companions can also rise up and become stronger as you trek across Tamriel with them. And – depending on how you act – they can become a trusted ally or hate you and your behavior.

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There are some places where companions aren’t allowed – including PvP situations and accommodations – but otherwise, they’ll tag along until you dismiss them.

how to recruit peers

The Companion System launched with two available companions, though it’s possible ZeniMax will add more in the future. For now, you’ll have to work with Bastian Hallix and Mirri Elendis.

recruitment of miri allendis

Miri Allendes sneaking through a cave.

Miri Allendis is a Dark Elf Nightblade that can be found in the northern part of Blackwood near Doomvault Vulpinaz. Head to that spot, look around for a note, and you’ll start searching scattered and scattered. It will see you helping Miri rescue her kidnapped crew members. Complete the mission successfully, and Miri will be happy to join you on your adventures.

Bastian Hollix Recruitment

Bastian Hollix standing on a harbor near Leiavin.

Bastian Hollix is ​​an Imperial Dragonite found in Deepscorn Hollow in Blackwood. It is located on a small island just off the shore, a little southeast of Leiavin. Here, you’ll find Bastian tied up in a cave – talk with him to start the contest and contract quest. He’ll ask for your help investigating the rest of Deepcorn Hollow. Once you remove any troubles lurking deep down, Bastian will become a loyal companion.

How do companions act in combat?

If you’ve ever been on a quest where an NPC follower tags along, you’ve already got a pretty good idea of ​​how allies perform during combat. While they won’t be a major source of DPS, they are more than capable of functioning as a tank or a healer – depending on how you estimate them.

Companions have a unique skill system that is reminiscent of your own. There are only a few slots available for you to equip different skills, and your partner will automatically trigger attacks moving from the first slot to the last. If the first skill in the lineup is currently on cooldown, the second skill will be triggered. If the first and second slots are on cooldown, the third skill will be triggered – and so on.

Elder Scrolls Online player fighting with a partner.

Since companions trigger skills in a set order, it is important that you plan precisely where skills are placed. For example, if you want your partner to use the healing skill as often as possible, you may not want it in the last available slot. Instead, placing it at the front of the lineup will ensure that it gets used frequently.

There are a few other pieces of information you’ll want to know about when taking comrades into battle:

  • You can direct the comrades in battle by pressing L3 + R3 button and Left Or right bumper or pressing And on PC.
  • If you heavily attack a target, your partner will automatically change their focus.
  • Companions will trigger their Ultimate Ability automatically, but you can also use it by pressing L3 + R3 or by clicking icon on PC.
  • Companions can be revived with a Soul Gem, but they will also be revived at the end of the battle.

Customizing Your Partner’s Appearance

As of now, there are a few different ways to customize how your partner looks. With only Miris and Bastian available, you’ll want to take a few minutes to switch up their appearance – otherwise, they won’t stand out from the crowd of Miris and Bastian running alongside other players.

One way to customize your partner is to simply equip them with your own cosmetics. ZeniMax allows you to use a variety of mounts, costumes, and outfits on Companions, and it’s an easy way to change their look.

You can also visit an outfit station to create a specific outfit slot – just like you can with your character. Not all of your gear is compatible with mates, and it’s worth pointing out that the helmet will never show up on your mate. Many other restrictions apply to both Miri and Bastian, but there are dozens of unique ways to customize their appearance.

As far as the equipment is concerned, the companion instrument is completely separate from the player instrument. New allies can be purchased from various shopkeepers in Tamriel, and higher-level gear will eventually drop the more you bring them into battle.

earn your partner’s trust

Eso is traveling with fellow main character.

Just because they will stand by your side during battle, don’t mean that your partner is your friend. Almost every action you take will affect their view of you – draw more than one shenanigans, and they may even request a short leave of absence.

Miri and Bastain have different views on life. While Bastian is a sensible citizen, Miri lives in a gray area. For example, steal an item in front of Bastian, and your cadence will gradually decrease. On the other hand, Miri doesn’t mind when you steal – in fact, stealing certain items like food can actually improve your relationship.

In addition to asking for temporary dismissal, the relationship also changes communication options with your partner. It won’t affect how they perform in combat, but a bad relationship is something you’ll still want to avoid.

how to level up mates

Just like your own character, companions will level up as you go into battle with them. They will eventually max out at level 20, improving their HP and combat power, and learning new skills and abilities. Companion skills come in a few different flavors, including:

  • Weapon Skills: Requires specific weapons to use.
  • Armor Skills: Requires specific armor to use.
  • Guild Skills: Level up by completing some daily quests for your current partner.
  • Racial Skills: Application made on the basis of caste of your partner.
  • Classroom Skills: Level up automatically based on your partner’s level.

Miri and Bastian have different available skills, so it’s worth unlocking both to see which one is a better fit for your playing style. Regardless of whether you choose to tag along on your adventures, you’ll have plenty of ways to customize their skills and performance as you slowly level them up.

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