What to look forward to: It looks like some modders are making a full James Bond game based on The Spy Who Loved Me using the classic N64 GoldenEye 077 as a game engine. YouTuber Graslu00 posted a preview showing some of the levels, and while it’s rough, it looks like a decent effort. With a little polish, it can be just as fun as the game that serves as its basis.

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The Spy Who Loved Me mod can be played through the N64 emulator, but the developers demand that if you have a working Nintendo 64 and the means to flash a ROM cartridge, it should run on the console natively in 4K at 60fps. Full-length mod will include the plot and settings of the movie.

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The project was created with a focus on the console and has been extensively tested to run on N64 hardware. “However, an Expansion Pak is required. The game can also be played through emulation through 1964. Although it can be played on Project 64, the best performance will be on 1964.”

The commercials will also feature Roger Moore and several other 007 stars. Barbara “XXX” Bach has never looked so witty. And of course, Karl Stromberg, the villain of Kurd Jurgens, looks as good as he can on 1990s gear. The team is also working on a split-screen mode for up to four players.

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There are eleven playable chapters in the early build (see video title), but the project is still a work in progress and not available to the public. However, there is a 3-level demo published in storage N64. The three levels in the demo are the opening scene in the Alps, then Egypt, and then a boss fight with Karl Stromberg’s henchman, Sandor, who looks bizarrely like Donald Trump.

There are no words or deadlines for when the team will complete the project. At least 18 developers work part-time on the project. They have 11 unfinished levels over 18 months, and according to the level selection menu, there are at least 20 levels in the campaign in total. So at least another year and a half in the development phase will probably take to finish. Of course, if it lasts that long.

We saw the MGM owner and his lawyers pull the plug on fan projects like this in the past. Nintendo is also very protective of his GoldenEye 007 property, so there’s a relatively good chance the whole thing could be shut down now that the proverbial cat is out of the bag.