The Google Pixel Watch will be exactly what Wear OS needs

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According to people familiar with the matter, Google is bringing a Pixel Watch next year – a flagship device showing off Wear OS similar to the Pixel series of phones showing off the Android mobile operating system.

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First it’s been a long time coming: Pixel Watch rumors have been swirling for several years at this point. Except for Apple’s augmented reality glasses, there aren’t many gadgets that remained as rumored for as long as the Pixel Watch.

And it seems like the time is right. Google’s Wear OS software got a major update this year, and Google is on a roll following the success of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. It looks like the company’s hardware division now has the speed and expertise to take on such a new product category.

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Beyond that, we think the Pixel Watch could be exactly what Wear OS needs. The Apple Watch remains a huge success, while smartwatches like Fitbit and Garmin have proven popular with users as well. In comparison, Wear OS lags far behind in terms of both sales and attention.

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The likes of Fossil and Ticwatch have done an admirable job pushing Wear OS smartwatches forward, but Google’s clout will put the Pixel Watch on another level — and bring Google’s smartwatch OS to a much wider audience.

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Wear OS — formerly known as Android Wear — has been around since 2014, but it never really caught the fancy in the same way that watchOS has. Apple has shown how a smartwatch can be a natural extension of a smartphone, and now Google needs to follow that lead.

Recently added features such as the ability to install Watch apps from your phone suggest that Google is finally putting a substantial amount of time and effort into improving the software and consequently working on all the devices it supports. But it runs.

With the Pixel Watch, the connection between the watch and the phone can be even more seamless. We may also see some exclusive Pixel Watch exclusives offered to woo more consumers, similar to what Google has done with its Pixel phones.

By offering hardware alongside software, Wear OS should benefit from additional investment, as Google seeks to keep its flagship wearable and its operating system as polished and attractive as possible. We may even start seeing annual updates, which is what happens with watchOS.

Remember that Samsung has now gone back to Wear OS on its smartwatches. Add in a Pixel Watch as well, and Android users can finally get the companion device they deserve for their smartphones.

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