The Halo-themed Xbox Series X is available today at Best Buy

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Special Edition 20th Anniversary Xbox controller and headset also available

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limited-edition hello infinity The Xbox Series X is coming to select Best Buy stores across the US today. The console includes a digital copy of hello infinity, which will be playable on December 8th — or possibly before, if you believe internet rumors that the countdown ends today.


You can check out participating stores near you at Best Buy’s Xbox In-Store Events Page, Looks like the page was posted around 6am this morning, in line with a tweet re-stocking the tipster lord restock, NS same account, as well as other console trackers, indicate that the consoles will be available starting today., they hope to see hello infinity The Xbox Series X was re-stocked with several PS5s and Nintendo Switch OLEDs, however, those sales may only be available to those who are part of Best Buy’s $200 TotalTech Support subscription program.

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in addition to the following aura-themed Xbox Series X, stores will also sell special edition 20th anniversary Xbox controllers and headsets. Best Buy notes that its employees will begin handing out tickets for each product at 7:30 a.m. local time and that you can pick up up to one ticket per item. If you get a ticket, Best Buy says that “you’ll be guaranteed a chance to buy that item.”

Local news outlets in states like Kentucky have reported that people started To encamp Outside In front of Best Buy over the weekend. If you’re wondering if it’s worth visiting your local Best Buy, you can check it out crowded list of stores (courtesy of @LordofRestocks), where users estimate how many people are in line, plus how many consoles are in stock. At a few places on the list, users have also recorded fights.

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