The health tech you didn’t realize you needed from CES 2022

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The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is a great place to see new trends in health and fitness, and CES 2022 is no exception. We’ve already seen two new sports watches from Garmin, a smart cooling mattress topper to beat night sweats, and Oral-B’s smartest electric toothbrush ever — but CES is also in the spotlight for new and weird gadgets There is a place to have your moment. , and these are the highlights of this year.

We’ll keep this list updated as the show progresses, adding any new oddities as they are unveiled.

Sengled Smart Health Monitoring Light


Sure, your regular lightbulbs keep you from wandering around in the dark and maybe even change colors to suit your mood, but is that enough? Smart lighting company Sengold’s latest overachieving bulb not only illuminates your room, it also uses radar to monitor your sleep, heart rate, and body temperature.

This may sound excessive (after all, your Fitbit can do all that, and is probably more accurate) but it means there’s no need to remember to charge and wear the watch, and the company says that, When used in the network, the bulb can also detect whether someone has fallen.

We don’t have a price or an exact release date yet, but the bulb is due to arrive in a lamp near you in late 2022.

Kohler PerfectFill

Close your eyes, relax, and imagine coming home after a hard day to find a bath already prepared at just the right depth and temperature. Once you’ve finished brushing off your worries, you can ask to drain the bath yourself rather than subject yourself to the stress of fishing for plugs.

Now open your eyes — and your wallet — because the voice-controlled smart bath of your dreams is real thanks to Kohler PerfectFill, and prices start at $2,700. This doesn’t include the cost of installing the required Kohler spout, a compatible tub, or all of it—but just think about the bubbles that await you.

Ible Airvida E1

The Ible Airvida E1 is billed as the world’s first air purifier with built-in headphones, and pumps it around your neck while emitting negative ions that “disrupt the carbon-hydrogen bond of the coronavirus and can break and disable them immediately”. Can your Airpods Pro do this?

That’s a huge claim, but Ible has been in the purification business for a long time (its non-musical instruments are available at major retailers around the world) and has received awards for disease-control technology in Taiwan.

Y-Brush 2

Why spend four precious minutes every day brushing your teeth, when you can get the job done in seconds? That’s the question put forth by the makers of the Y-Brush—a type of vibrating gumshield designed to clean your entire mouth in one go, while you chew gently through its nylon bristles.

We tested the first-generation model last year (an experience that sounds as odd as it sounds) and found that, although convenient, it just didn’t clean like a regular electric toothbrush.

The second-gen brush introduced at CES has both upper and lower bristles, so you don’t need to flip it in between brushings, but we’re not sure that will improve its actual cleaning performance. The new Y-Brush is currently a prototype, with no release date on the near horizon.

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