The iPhone 13 launch sends iPhone 12, mini and 11 prices plummeting

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Apple has officially revealed the iPhone 13, which is packed with the latest specs, design and features. But for a lot of people, the more exciting information will be the impact of the launch on Apple’s older devices.

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In the iPhone 12, 12 Mini and iPhone 11, Apple has cut the price drastically. That means a $100/£100 drop across all three handsets and the lowest price Apple has offered outright.

The price cut for the iPhone 12 and 12 mini was something we predicted in July, which points to a £679 price tag now available in the UK. However, the iPhone 11 is more surprising.


This is the second time the iPhone 11 has been slashed in price, making its new price tag especially impressive for those who aren’t after the latest iPhone.

New discounted iPhones from Apple:

iPhone 12 Mini: in Apple | sim free | $699/£699 $599/£579
Apple’s iPhone 12 Mini is now £120/$120 cheaper than the price officially available at launch. A lot of retailers in the UK are already offering this price and have been for a while but now Apple has made it official. This could mean that we will see even lower prices once Black Friday approaches.
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iPhone 12: in Apple sim free | $799/£799 $699/£679
Like the iPhone 12 Mini, the iPhone 12 received a price cut of £120, making it £679 now. If you don’t like the idea of ​​paying full price for a powerful iPhone, this is a great price tag that makes it a great alternative to the new iPhone 13. Similar discounts are available in both the US and UK.
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iPhone 11: in Apple | sim free | $599/£599 $499/£489
The iPhone 11 has also received a price cut from Apple – the second in its history. With the launch of the iPhone 12, its price dropped significantly and now, it has come down to just £489/$489. This makes it the second cheapest iPhone currently offering a lower price with only the iPhone SE.
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