the last 2 of usThe narrative deals with emotionally tortured characters who attempt to reconcile tragic events with their own vengeful justice, which only results in violence and death for both sides. Please note that this article will contain major spoilers the last 2 of us.

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Ellie’s character is tested throughout the last 2 of us, from Joel’s death to Jesse’s death, etc., when she follows Abby to Seattle. But after Dinah’s pregnancy put on hold her need to find Abby, she is blamed once again by Tommy for hunting Abby. Recently, a fan has painted Ellie in one of her most painful and vulnerable moments with extraordinary artistry.


Star-Gear21 shared a recent black and white painting the last 2 of usIt’s Ellie. Despite the painting’s high contrast, Ellie’s painful facial expressions and loose hair strands are probably easily recognizable. the last 2 of us players. In fact, most of the painting is saturated with a black negative space, although the white highlights portray Ellie clearly and effectively. This particular shot of Ellie was also used the last 2 of usThe original marketing of, though its specific angle as a still image is good to leave what’s happening outside the frame.

Here is a painting I did of Ellie. From
the last of us

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From the still image, it appears that Ellie is devastated or distraught for some unknown reason, but Ellie is actually drowning an emaciated and injured Abby underwater and attempting to drown her. However, this is a moment where Ellie is grappling with her unrepentant vengeance that represents the cycle of violence that is proposed at the end. the last 2 of us.

in multiple sequences the last 2 of us Contrast the player with a character’s point of view that evokes empathy and an understanding of contextual information that the other characters desperately need, but don’t have. Ellie is unaware of Abby’s relationship to Joel, but she cares about him in the same way she believes Joel will avenge his death. For example, Ellie is familiar with Tommy’s map-torture technique, as she knows that she and Joel performed it as smugglers in the early years of the outbreak.

Dinah tries to convince Ellie that they can live happily ever after without the heavy grief over their lives, but Ellie feels a lack of closure and is forced to search for Abby once more, while Abby tries to find her. That time was spared his life on two separate occasions. Returning to Santa Barbara without Ellie to find Abby, however, Abby and Lev were likely to die on the beach, so it is a bittersweet providence that the two were destined to meet again. the last 2 of us. While the moment may be divisive, this art captures it brilliantly.

the last 2 of us Available now on PS4.

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