Sony’s monumental PlayStation franchise has produced significant character mascots, such as Ratchet and Clank, Nathan Drake, or Alloy. But easily two of Sony’s biggest modern franchises are Naughty Dogs. the last of us and Santa Monica Studio’ God of war,

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God of war has been around for a lot longer than the last of us, although its limited number of entries the last of us Widely created characters that are beloved by players. During this, God of warThe K structural franchise modernized the series and its protagonist, Kratos. Recently, a digital creator and render artist has tied the knot with both the franchises to create interesting imagery.


DoomsdayDaveVP shares a series of amazing renders showing the events that could happen the last of us‘ picked up by Ellie God of warK Kratos. In a play on the streaming service series Marvel what if…? Doomsdayev presents an alternate universe where Eli takes the place of Atreus as they hunt together. like the introduction of the latest God of war, Kratos is seen activating his Spartan Rage ability, although this time his fury is aimed at one the last of us‘ Bloaters, suggesting that Kratos is depicted in Ellie’s universe and not vice versa.

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Moreover, with a leap ahead of time the last 2 of usIn , Doomsdaydev portrays what could have resulted in Eli’s anger if Kratos had been his father figure instead of Joel. Doomsdayev’s render shows Eli in a graffiti-filled corridor as she wields Kratos’s Blades of Chaos and overwhelms a blotter on her own. If similar events the last 2 of us As a reference to these renders happened, DoomsdayDev shows that Ellie will become like Kratos and will be filled with furious rage.


Doomsdaydev says they plan to make more renders featuring Kratos in the near future, while continuing to produce more renders featuring Ellie and other characters. the last of us, as well as other projects featuring the crossover of both franchises together. Although Kratos and Ellie logically may not appear together in any of their franchises, it’s still fun to see an alternate universe crossover where such events can take place.

the last 2 of us Available now for PS4. God of war Available now for PS4 and PS5, with a PC port scheduled for release on January 14, 2022.

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