Critical Role is just weeks away from launching its third main campaign after wrapping up the adventures of Mighty Nine over the summer. That’s not the only part of the enthusiasm in that particular Dungeons and Dragons Fantasy this month though. During New York Comic-Con, the core CR crew also appeared for an exclusive discussion about the upcoming legend vox machine Cartoon.

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Vox Machina is the name of the crew of Critical Role’s first campaign and their adventures will soon be adapted for an Amazon animated series. The stories will follow the same characters and locations from the first campaign, though should be full of surprises and new twists and turns. During an NYCC appearance, the panel dropped both a first look at the series’ premiere date.


NS legend of vox machine Will make its streaming debut on Amazon Prime Video on February 4, 2022. To help fans hold on to the four-month wait, the opening credits were also revealed…

“This is only the beginning of the journey, and we can’t wait for the series to be out in the world in just a few months, weaving our threads of fate in and out of Xandria.”

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The event also includes an extended preview with a really amazing side-by-side table featuring the CR crew and animation previews:

There’s definitely a lot of hype in the series Dungeons and Dragons fans and Ten million Fans. If the show is a hit, it could potentially open the door to consideration for future projects at Amazon and other studios for a Mighty Nine series or for other popular live plays such as Dimension 20’s Fantasy High.

legend of vox machine Will release on 4th February 2022 on Amazon Prime Video.

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