The Logitech MX518, my favorite mouse ever, is half price for Black Friday

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There are a lot of flashy, fancy mice out there, equipped with buttons and dials and lights of all kinds. For my money, though, the immaculate Logitech MX518, originally released in 2005 and brought back to life (because it was just so good) in 2019, is the best mouse I’ve got wrapped around my hands. And right now, you can buy one for just $19.99—that’s half the price—at Best Buy.

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Internally, it’s a dramatic upgrade compared to the original MX518. It’s built around Logitech’s 16,000 DPI Hero sensor with on-the-fly DPI adjustment, has eight programmable buttons, and can store five different profiles in its onboard memory. On the outside, though, it’s a pure classic: a long, swooping chassis, wide base, and deep thumb indent that add up to the most fully grippy mouse I’ve ever encountered.

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It’s a bit on the big side, so gamers with smaller hands may not find it as comfortable as I do, and it’s also quite heavy for its size—it’s a mouse of weight and substance. Of course mouse preference is a very subjective matter anyway, so I can’t promise this will be the best mouse you’ll ever use. But I can clearly say that the MX518 is by far the best mouse I’ve ever used, and at $20 it makes it very easy to recommend.

Logitech MX518 (2018)

Logitech MX518 | 16,000 dpi | 8 buttons | 5 internal profiles | wired | $39.99 $19.99 at Best Buy (Save $20)
Logitech brought the MX518 into service back in 2019, adding some serious internal upgrades including a 16,000 dpi Hero sensor, 8 programmable buttons, and onboard memory, which can store up to 5 unique profiles adjustable via Logitech’s G-Hub software . It’s a pure classic from the outside, though: simple, sleek, and extremely comfortable.

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