The metaverse is ‘off limits’ for Apple’s upcoming VR headset

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News on Apple’s upcoming mixed reality headset has intensified in recent weeks, with several recent reports shedding further details on the project. Now, credible reporter Mark Gurman has his thoughts on Apple’s vision for the device.

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In his latest Power On newsletter, Gurman explained that Apple’s headset will be used primarily for short bursts of activity rather than longer sessions. This contrasts with other companies seeking to build a “metaverse” of immersive experiences that replicate real life in a digital realm.

Apple VR Headset Concept by Antonio De Rosa.
Apple VR Headset Concept Antonio de Rosa

Gurman used the example of Meta (the company formerly known as Facebook) as a counterpoint to Apple’s vision for its headset. “Here’s a word I was shocked to hear on stage when Apple announced its headset: the Metaverse,” Gurman explained. “I’ve been told very straight away that the idea of ​​a completely virtual world where users can escape — such as they can avoid the meta platform/Facebook’s futuristic vision — is out of Apple’s bounds.”


This makes sense based on the leaks surrounding Apple’s headset that we’ve heard so far, which point to a device that mixes augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). According to Gurman, Apple wants its headset to provide users with “an explosion of gaming, communication and content consumption.” In other words, Apple doesn’t have an “all day device” in mind.

This news shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, as Apple CEO Tim Cook has spoken publicly about the topic before (albeit in a more roundabout way). In September 2016, he reported good Morning America That he preferred augmented reality “because it gives us the ability to be very present for both of us to sit down and talk to each other, but there are other things for both of us to see.”

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With such sentiment coming from the head of the company, it makes a lot of sense that Apple is designing its headset to deliver an experience that still keeps us connected to the regular world, without the sequestered digital realms. without shutting down users.

Right now, rumors are suggesting that Apple may unveil the headset at some point this year, with a possible date closer to the end of 2022. We’re expecting a high-end, expensive device that combines AR and VR, but details are a bit messy at the moment due to conflicting reports offering different specs and features. You can catch all the news in our Apple headset rumor round-up, and hopefully we’ll find out more before the year ends.

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