The most interesting USB-C accessories at CES 2022

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You can finally plug multiple USB-C devices into a single hub, thanks to Intel’s closely related Thunderbolt technology.

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Several new USB-C accessories on display here CES 2022 There are indications that the 7-year-old data-and-charging technology may be about to reach its potential.

USB-C And its associated standards are now fixtures in laptops, Android phones, and countless accessories. USB-C made its debut in the 2015 Apple MacBook and Google Chromebook. Its oval connector replaced the rectangular USB-A port on PCs and the smaller, trapezoidal USB Micro-B port on many Android phones.

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The crop of new products at CES reflect the growing adoption of USB-C. With one major exception, everything from cars and headphones to game controllers and multi-device chargers sports a USB-C connection. (were still Hopefully it will come to Apple’s iPhones,

Deep changes are coming with the standards governing what USB cables and ports can do. Upgrade from USB 3 to USB 4, now coming to laptops and other devices, which means faster data transfer and docking with multiple USB-C ports. USB PD (Power Delivery) standard Can handle more and more charging needs, which now includes high-end gaming laptops.

Here’s a look at some of the new USB-C devices from CES 2022.

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