The Ncase M1, a crowdfunded marvel of a PC case, has been discontinued

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The 12.7-liter case that hit an impressive mark

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In 2012, fed up with the sorry state of small-form-factor (SFF) computer cases, Two users on the HardOCP community forum Decided to make my own. Wahaha360 and Necere $200+ . come with Encase M1, a 12.7-liter miracle designed to put every cubic centimeter of that space to good use. Amazingly, they managed to attract the attention of renowned PC maker Lian-Li for manufacturing small batches of their crowdfunded case out of high-quality aluminum, and the result was greeted with rave reviews.


Nine years later, however, Encase has announced That it’s shutting down M1 for good.

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Strange situation. Yesterday, the company posted that it had discontinued the M1 altogether — but overnight, the post was updated to read that it’s just the current “classic” design that’s gone for good.

the nose tells ledge That’s because there’s a successor on the way. “I can say that what we are working on will follow the M1’s formula of pioneering, updating and modernizing to better reflect the current hardware market,” Enkes says, adding:

Video cards, in particular, have gotten significantly larger on average over the years—a fact that has hurt the compatibility of the M1, which was previously great for its size. The M1 was already highly space-optimized, so it was not possible to accommodate such large cards within the current design footprint. Hence the need for a more thorough redesign from the ground up, which also gives us the opportunity to explore alternative construction methods, updates to the visual design, and additional features.

This makes some sense: It’s not a product that’s particularly old or where demand has suddenly dried up. While there are many capable imitators like Cooler Master NR200 Or Lian-Li’s own TU-150 — Even with a neat integrated carry handle — Ncase M1 is Even then Widely regarded as one of the best cases on the market. Potential buyers were eagerly waiting for another batch, which was tentatively scheduled for November.

But it’s true that some of the larger coolers of recent-generation graphics cards prevent many of them from fitting neatly into the M1. (Still, if you have enough airflow and a powerful power supply, you can easily fill up an RTX 3080 Ti Founders Edition. I certainly did!)

Praise the M1’s pop-off panel, which is a major part of Lian-Li affairs. You can also fit a slim-line optical drive or SSD under the front shield.

It’s worth noting that Encase’s founders also work on other PC cases. For example: 14.7-liter SSUPD Meshlicious, a mass market case that SFF expert YouTuber Optimum Tech Called “2021 ITX Case to Beat”, is also a Wahaha360 product manufactured by Lian-Li. (So ​​is the 9.5-litre FormD T1, another matter that gets produced in small batches.) Ncase also collaborated a design called Mach One, too – and if you told me it’s LRPC concept Inspired by Microsoft’s Xbox One S, below, I won’t take an eye.

Encase Concept vs Xbox One S

It’s premature to look for the best computer case I’ve ever had, one that I plan to use for years and one that will likely make even more cameo appearances ledge Compared to reviews you may have already seen. But even if we might be getting the Ncase M2 someday, I don’t mind pressing F for this brand’s legacy. Encase helped change the face of SFF cases, and whether you’re buying your next one from them or someone else, our desks are better for it.

To think that the comparatively giant Bitfinex Prodigy (right) was considered a significant mini-ITX affair in 2012.

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