The new Scream movie looks like a smart home nightmare

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The new Scream film is all set to kick and scream the famed horror franchise into the digital age, with a trailer that has a touch of technology tied into its adventures.

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A trailer has now been dropped for the upcoming Scream movie, which serves as a sequel — the fifth in the long-running series — featuring many of the cast of the original 1996 slasher film, including Courtney Cox (Friends). ) and Neve Campbell (Scream). original lead).

The most fascinating thing about the trailer is that it adds some smart home ideas to its horror, as you can see below.


When a young woman is standing with her phone in the kitchen – a familiar sight to anyone who has watched the original film – she finds herself attempting to re-open the smart locks on her front door as they are constantly on someone else’s door. Open and close on order.

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We can see this becoming a stronger theme, with people becoming increasingly dependent on security systems, which later becomes their downfall – or the need to look down at the smartphone screen, which is something that jumps off. The perfect moment for fear, or surprise, is when they look again.

It’s a short trailer, but that little snippet itself indicates how Scream has been updated for a more modern audience. Seeing as how new smart locks are in most people’s lives—if indeed, anyone has them—it’s a great thing to tap into. For something designed for security, what if that security is out of your hands—and what happens when someone has more control over your home than you?

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take it home

It has been difficult to replicate the cultural influence of the original Scream film, especially because of the way the film was known – with its characters referring to the tropes of slasher films as they attempt to navigate the plot in which they find themselves entangled. find happened.

a Intelligent Seeing what makes someone feel safe and vulnerable in the world of connected devices can be the thing to make the series feel refreshed, even if it’s only for moments of tension like this.

An understanding of the Nest Video Doorbell won’t save a bad script, or a film series shrouded in clichés was once so adept at satire, of course. But we hope the new Scream movie is able to look forward instead of looking back.

With Scream 5 – or just ‘Scream’ as it is officially known – set to land on January 14, 2022, we won’t have to wait too long.

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