The new Sonos IKEA Symfonisk lamp speaker shows the future of home audio

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It looks like the next Sonos IKEA Symphonisk lamp speaker has been leaked online after Reddit user u/shosi (spotted by Protocol). Janko Roetgers) claims to have seen a new Symfonisk lampshade at their local IKEA store.

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After searching for product IDs on the IKEA website, they discovered a document that appeared to suggest that second-generation wireless speakers would come with the option of a fabric or glass lampshade—unlike its predecessor, which allowed you to change its look. was not given.

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The document, which is in Portuguese, says that you will be able to choose between black and white options.


Unfortunately, you have to pay extra for these colors; The fabric cover will cost €20 (approximately $24 / £15 / AU$30), while the glass version will cost €30 (approximately $35 / £25 / AU$50). The base price will be €129 (approximately $150 / £110 / AU$200).

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IKEA hasn’t confirmed the existence of the second-gen Lamp speaker just yet, but we’d say a launch date will come soon if the accessories keep popping up in physical stores.

Customizable speakers are the way forward

We are delighted to see that IKEA is adding modular elements to its popular lamp speaker, allowing users to choose the right finish for their home. Hopefully, more options will be available over time – though we’d be surprised to see any bright colors or wacky patterns.

The Symphonisque range of speakers were created in collaboration with Sonos, which is known for its minimalist design language and sticking to a white, gray and black color palette.

Opting to customize the look of wireless speakers in this vein—which double as household items or furniture pieces—could be a great way to encourage people to take a chance on the unusual Symphonisque range.

Recently, IKEA announced the Symphonisque Picture Frame with Speakers, which is designed to blend seamlessly into your home, with interchangeable fronts giving you a choice of artwork and as the speaker’s grille. gets doubled.

The Canvas-like speaker currently comes with two design options (black or white) – but we’d love to see more in the future, as the artwork won’t be liked by everyone. IKEA can go a step further by allowing users to display their own art and photos, which will make a picture frame feel truly personal.

Making wireless speakers into furniture or decor pieces for the home opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to design. Some companies, like JLA, have created speakers that really blend into the background, high-fidelity downward-firing speakers that double as stylish coffee tables.

Others, such as Sonos and IKEA, have opted for their speakers to double as works of art. Transparent’s acoustic sculpture is a particularly striking example of this, and shows how far speaker makers can advance our perception of what a speaker should look like.

In any case, the days of boring, monolithic blocks of wood and fabric are numbered—the speakers of the future will be customizable, fit perfectly into our homes, and make our music sound great at the same time.

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