The next DC Batman / Fortnite crossover brings in one of the game’s most mysterious new characters

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After the hit comic book series Batman/Fortnite: Zero PointDC and Epic Games are returning October 26 with a super-secret Batman/Fortnite One-Shot that’s the sequel so secret They haven’t revealed a cover, what’s inside, or even the full name of the book.

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According to the retailer listing it will be called Batman/Fortnite: Foundations – and that tells us what the book is about.

That subtitle, Foundation, makes a lot of sense in the Fortnite continuity—it’s the name of a recently revealed character who is the leader of an enigmatic group that’s been teased for a while in Fortnite called the Seven.


DC and Epic Games are playing it close to their vest; Although we now know the name of the comic, virtually nothing about what’s inside – even the cover by Greg Capullo/Jonathan Glapion, or what are the variants of Alex Garner and Donald Mustard.

But there are some clues and references to what could be Batman/Fortnite: Foundation.

Who is Fortnite’s Foundation?

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The Foundation made its Fortnite debut in dramatic fashion – riding a meteor. He lands right after Agent Jones’ Rift device is thrown at Zero Point (something that was featured heavily in the original DC/Fortnite comic crossover, Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point). The Foundation was shaken by an explosion that knocked him unconscious and threw him down an unidentified body of water (more on that in a bit), but recently reappeared in Chapter 2: The Season 8 trailer from that injury. woken up.

There is also a theory that Fortnite’s Foundation is voiced by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

How did the last DC/Fortnite comic crossover end?

In the finale of Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point, Batman and his allies escape Fortnite with the understanding that they have closed the rift in the DC Omniverse that pulled them together in the first place. But as it turns out, Deathstroke does and planted an anchor device in the Zero Point chamber that allows him – and those who hire him – to tether between the DCU and Fortnite. It turns out that Deathstroke is doing it all for two of the universe’s biggest villains: DC’s Lex Luthor and Fortnite’s Doctor Sloan.

Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #6 ended with a new crackdown in Metropolis – right behind The Daily Planet building.

If you know that your D.C. geography, Metropolis, and Gotham are by chance separated by a large gulf of water—can the foundation already be laid at the bottom of that gulf?

What will Batman/Fortnite: Foundation Code be for?

DC has confirmed that, like the Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point issues, the comic book will continue to have a code for some sort of Fortnite in-game item, but didn’t say what. At the same time, Epic has yet to release the Foundation costume as a playable cosmetic for Fortnite players, so it’s possible that Batman/Fortnite: The Foundation Code may be that much prized item.

What could happen in Batman/Fortnite: Foundation?

It appears that Foundation will be the root of the second DC/Fortnite crossover, and that could possibly have already come to the DC Omniverse, through that crack in Deathstroke was left open at the end of Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point.

Batman/Fortnite: Foundation will be written by Epic Games executive Donald Mustard and comics writer Christos Gage (as he wrote Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point), but he will be joined by the most iconic Batman writer of the last decade: Scott Snyder.

“My kids are huge Fortnite fans and Donald and Christos have cooked up some deep, wild stuff that makes for great Fortnite and Batman…” Snyder recently tweeted.

Hixon is making a Batman/Fortnite: Foundation one-shot comic.

We look forward to learning more about Batman/Fortnite: Foundation, which is set for release on October 26, and the Epic Games executive (and co-writer of the comic) Donald Mustard is set to appear at the DC Fandome on October 16 – which will be the place to share (and show) more details on humor.

There’s no better time than now to get up to speed on Fortnite – see our fortnite guide.

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