The Next Wave of Extremist Cults Will Make QAnon Look Tame

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the world was 2021 was going to be a sigh of collective relief – at least when it came to extremist, radical thinking. Donald Trump was out of office. QAnon, that cult-like movement operating under the belief that a secretive pedophile runs the Cabal world, was losing steam. Vaccines were supposed to end the pandemic. But far from seeing the end of cultism and extremist movements, 2022 will usher in their growth—and the QAN will prove to be the first baby step rather than the culmination of the growing appeal of extremist organizations and sectarian politics.

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The growth of increasingly radical fringe beliefs will be driven by a growing distrust in authority and expertise. This suspicion is nothing new—for many years we have been surrounded by “fake news” headlines. Next year, however, a powerful ingredient will be added to the mix: the tedious, constant uncertainty surrounding the COVID pandemic.

Historically, cults have flourished in times of flux, when behavioral norms have changed and stability is elusive. If anything has characterized 2021, it has been a sense of constant displacement triggered by a new disease. We have all experienced the endless changing of official narratives and communication strategies about COVID-19. We have also seen that the death toll continues to rise and social institutions are breaking down due to stress. It will resume in 2022, despite our hopes that the pandemic will be rolled back into the past. Even the least extremist will struggle to keep their balance.


added to that volatility a sense of isolation We’ve all experienced that in 2021, and extremism feeds on this kind of exclusion and loneliness. Earlier this year, we’ve seen people refuse social interaction because of the lockdown, and some have turned to the most unlikely of coalitions, looking for groups that will channel their anger and frustration. validate and disseminate.

The same will continue to happen in future also. It is difficult for the human mind to deal with uncertainty in the best of times. We crave certainty and hard numbers – not evading knowledge and statistical caveats. And this is far from the best of times. “They’re lying to us!” There is a battle of conspiracy theorists. In 2022, it will increase in volume and there will be an explosion of extremist activity.

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Already, we are seeing the nascent roots of what 2022 will be – in the united and increasingly radical voices of the anti-vaccine community, the anti-mask protests we are seeing around the world, and the “fascist” governments like Australia. in labeling. “To subject its citizens to a continuous lockdown. These are the seeds for a militancy that will be sticky, permanent and difficult to root, as it has become, for the original individual identity.

Extremist movements such as Creed provide an antidote to the powerful mix of isolation, uncertainty, changing narratives and fear that we have experienced with a group of people while simultaneously offering a heterogeneous form of security, stability and certainty during the pandemic. has done. Just like us are those who believe in us and believe in us. As activist David Sullivan – a man who devoted his life to infiltrating cults to get their loved ones out of their grip – pointed out, no one ever joins a cult: they are the people of those people. Join the community who sees them. In 2022, this appeal to the cult will only increase, and those that arise next year will make QAnon look like the good old days.

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