The Porsche Taycan EV outsold the 911 sports car in 2021

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The Taycan lineup expanded greatly in 2021.

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Porsche set a new global sales record in 2021 after delivering 301,915 cars worldwide, an increase of 11% compared to 2020. Porsche sold 70,025 cars in the US, another new record, beating the previous 2019 record by 14%. And in China alone, Porsche’s biggest market, the brand delivered 95,671 cars, bettering the 2020 record by 8%. But none of those milestones can compare to Porsche’s biggest sales news: The electric Taycan outsold the 911 sports car for the first time in 2021.


taekken is 911 first. Defeated In the race for sales in the first quarters, then this news Not there It is phenomenal, but it is shocking nonetheless. Porsche delivered 41,296 Taycans worldwide last year, more than double the number sold in 2020, the Taycan’s first full year of sales. Meanwhile 38,464 911 models were sold – a record number for a 911, but still not enough for Porsche’s latest and greatest. It was a slightly different story in the US, with 9,419 Texans delivered compared to 10,042 911s. Boosting the success of the Taycan was the new Cross Turismo model, which went on sale at the end of the year and apparently had a larger percentage of sales than Porsche had expected.


The 911 lost its non-SUV sales crown for the first time.

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As has been the case for years, however, Porsche’s best-selling SUV was its SUV. The Macan took the sales crown with 88,362 deliveries worldwide, while the Cayenne came second with 83,071 sales. The ranking was similar in the US, with 24,716 Macan and 17,299 Cayenne making their way into the hands of customers. The Panamera (30,220 worldwide, 4,257 in the US) and 718 (20,502 worldwide, 4,292 in the US) were trailing.

Beyond just the Taycan it was a banner year for the electrified Porsche in general. The brand says that 40% of its total sales in Europe were fully electric or plug-in hybrid, while 13.5% of its US sales were fully electric and 3.5% were plug-in. After the success of Taycan, the launch of the upcoming Macan EV This year, Porsche’s electric sales will be seen touching the sky even more.

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