THE RUSH delves into the horror of the Wild West this October

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A quick buck charm and overnight luck can draw people into dangerous situations, and in the new Walt Comics series The Rush it brings them into strange West horror.

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(The Rush is an acronym for this hungry earth reddens beneath the snowclad hills.)


The Rush by writer Sea Spurrier and artist Nathan Gooden is a story about the final year of the US Gold Rush, deep in the frozen Yukon Territory. As thousands of men and women (along with their children) flock to the cliffside mountains in search of a handful of gold, they find something else troubling there: a spider monster.

And the worst part is that she is a mother missing her child.

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“I’ve been fascinated by the last great gold rush in my entire life,” Spurrier tells Newsrama. “Stories of endurance and desperation, mass frenzy, accidental disregard for life—and all this frantic, sizzling, dwarfed by an all-consuming lust for a fleeting, wasted opportunity over money.

“This is the right time and place to tell stories in which the mythologies and parables of antiquity – all those wonderful cautionary tales about greed and demons that overpower the lusts of men over their rationality – are put into beautiful and meaningful forms. can be brought to life.”

Spurrier says her recent experience of becoming a parent for the first time has turned her into what “the pure, pure and unquestioned love is for another’s own child.”

Even if they are monsters.

Watch this preview of The Rush #1:

Spurrier and Gooden are joined by colorist Addison Duke, letterer Hassan Ottsman-Elhau and designer Tim Daniels in The Rush. Gooden designed the primary cover for The Rush #1, featuring variants from Martin Simmonds and Daniels.

Gooden says, “This is the story I’ve been waiting for ever since I started in the comics. I’m a big Western fan.” “In fact, my first project in comics is a self-published graphic novel, Dead Eye; a horror story set in the West in the late 1800s. One of my favorite comics is the anthology series, Western Tales of Terror. I’ve always been drawn to the genre, so when I first read The Rush outline, I knew I had to be a part of it.”

The Rush #1 goes on sale October 27th.

The Rush joins a growing crop of great horror comics — but will it make it to our list best horror comics?

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