The Sims 4 is giving some iconic NPCs a major overhaul

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EA has given Simmers his first glimpse at the overhaul of the major characters in The Sims 4.

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The studio originally announced back in August that it would give some “key characters” a visual update, along with changes to lore and their personalities. In a livestream Showcasing the new kit and Neighborhood Stories feature this week, the team gave a glimpse of how progress on some of the overhauled NPCs is progressing.

SimGuruRusskii showed comparison shots for Bella Goth, Mortimer Goth, Dinah Caliente and Nina Caliente. Both Bella and Mortimer have altered features to make them look older, which makes sense given that they don’t currently look much older than their teenage daughter. Mortimer may also get a new mustache, which Simgurusky said should look “a little more refined, a little more elegant”. The team is looking at possibly adjusting Mortimer’s skin tone.

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Current appearance of Mortimer Goth in The Sims 4. (image credit: EA)
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Mortimer Goth's new concept for The Sims 4

The new concept of Mortimer Goth. (image credit: EA)
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The Sims 4.  Bella Goth's current appearance in

Current appearance of Bella Goth in The Sims 4. (image credit: EA)
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Bella Goth's new makeover concept in The Sims 4

Bella Goth’s new makeover concept. (image credit: EA)
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Current appearance of Dinah Caliente in The Sims 4

Current appearance of Dinah Caliente in The Sims 4. (image credit: EA)
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Dina Caliente's new makeover concept

Dina Caliente’s new makeover concept. (image credit: EA)
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Nina Caliente's current look

The current form of Nina Caliente. (image credit: EA)
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Nina Caliente's New Makeover Concept

Nina Caliente’s new makeover concept. (image credit: EA)

Bella Goth’s new concept also shows her with an adjusted skin tone, which more closely mirrors her appearance in previous Sims games years later. allegation of whitewashing, She might even get a new hairstyle that will look “a little more trendy, a little more sophisticated too.”

The Caliente sisters are also getting adjusted skin tones, said Simaguruski, how the two are “considered like a concept between Spanish and Middle Eastern Arabic.” The new concept brings the two closer to their old sporting appearances, with the team intent on eventually getting rid of Dinah’s banana-yellow hair in favor of something more muted. Maybe Nina is getting a slightly changed hair color for a more auspicious-toned look. Both sisters are potentially getting new clothes, making them look more “glam” than their current hot mess of 2014 fashion.

SimGuruRusskii says there’s no planned release date for these changes yet, and it’s still a lot of work in progress. She warned that the concepts are still subject to change, but I think the general feel of each change will not change in the characters.

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