, one of the best things about sims 4 It’s so fun to recreate buildings and characters from life and imagination, and the game has a variety of tools to do so. That’s what a player did when he revamped the iconic Paddy’s Pub building from here It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The elaborate construction includes both the interior and exterior of the pub as well as the gang’s apartments from the show, which is currently on its 15th season and has been refurbished for two more.

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Released by EA in 2014, sims 4 One of the most famous life simulation games in history, it allows players to control human characters called The Sims. a main feature of sims 4 It has versatile construction tools, which allow players to design and decorate buildings in high detail. Over the years, it has brought creativity to players who have used the tools to recreate real-life locations and scenes from their favorite shows. For example, last year, a red dead redemption 2 Fan recreated Rhodes Parlor House, a memorable structure found in Lemoyne. in September, pokemon Fans recreate favorite locations from the original game sims 4, including Palette Town and Professor Oak’s Pokémon Lab.


sims 4 The build was created by the player Emmengaard, who claims that it uses no custom materials. The pub is complete with neon signs, pendants hanging from the ceiling, and an eclectic mix of paintings and decorations on the walls. Based in the Starkman Building in Los Angeles, the building’s exterior has also been faithfully rebuilt to match the building used in the show. Emmengard went the extra mile and even remodeled the main apartment that appeared on the show. Charlie’s apartment is looking as busy as ever, with a few gnomes added to make the room look more messy in true Sims style. Mack’s bedroom is instantly recognizable with some great attention to detail; The wood paneling and the near-identical standing lamp are great matches.

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The Sims 4 Paddy's Pub

Reddit users reacted positively to the post in the /r/Sims4/ subreddit, calling it “exquisite” and “awesome.” This build is not the only one shared by Emmengaard. They’ve been busy sharing other creations on Reddit, including the apartment complex from the animated series. bee and puppy,

focusing on EA sims 4 For now, but that hasn’t stopped fans from getting excited about a possible release sims 5, It’s unclear how long it will take until we see another installment in the franchise, but it’s going to be an interesting time for fans of life simulator games, with potential competition from games like ParaLives Looking to resume the genre. Whatever’s in store, hopefully it will mean new tools for players like Emmengard to pay great tributes to their favorite shows.

sims 4 Now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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