Again, another DLC sims 4 has leaked. This DLC falls under the current 2022 roadmap, titled Something to Celebrate, which appears to be based on weddings and parties.

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with the new season of sims 4 Moving on, fans of the social simulator know what to expect from now until March 2022 as they learn about a new game pack, community collaboration, free global foods, and two vibrant kits. However, it appears that one of the kits was leaked today by a source in the Microsoft Store database.


The tweet has since been deleted, but it was leaked by Twitter user @Alumia_Italia, a credible source known to have leaked sims 4 The Blooming Rooms kit, which was released back in November 2021. Case in point, today’s tweet revealed one of the DLC kits, called the Carnival Street Wear Kit, and is scheduled to be released on February 3, 2022. This leak clearly got fans excited as they went ahead. Ask the source for more information about the DLC. Yet the source remained unclear, saying they didn’t want to “ruin the fun” and left it at that.

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The leak came with the image above, as part of the deleted tweet was recovered and posted to the Sims community, which is one of many fans. It’s the featured item for Create a Sim, with its exposing and colorful look, promising a “vibrant kit that celebrates fierce design,” according to The Sim Team. Since the developers of The Sims have revealed this year’s roadmap, it’s been nothing more than hints and teasers about what kind of festive themes it could bring over the next three months. This leak gives fans more information on what to expect as well sims 4 The promotional tweet prompted fans to “cheer for moments worth celebrating” and said there are gifts to sort.

Players express excitement for the new season as they share ideas about what kinds of festivities are to come and even where they can be themed, such as in Brazil or India. The sandbox game is already appealing to those who have never owned a console or consider themselves hardcore gamers, with each new DLC growing the player community and expanding the title. Though it’s been eight years since the last installment of the series was released, and fans are honestly up for it. sims 5 To be announced, these DLC packs still enthrall players to experience what’s new in the realm.

While fans continue to wait sims 5, devs keep player communities on their toes, and hence the sudden leaks of upcoming DLC. Hopefully, more details regarding the extension of the festival will be released soon.

sims 4 Now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: pcgameno, sims community

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