The state of Battlefield 2042: tank sniping, buff hovercrafts, and a ghost tower

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Latest strange find Created by Battlefield 2042 Players have a way to hide a helicopter inside a building. Situated between skyscrapers, which is on one side of the Hourglass map, is a squat office building with a concrete roof and, it’s deceptive side. Helicopters can magically pass through building walls, allowing pilots to hide themselves by hovering in their center.

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The Ghost Tower is located in an area that is off-limits to players who are not on the plane, and I don’t expect office visits to be a necessary piloting tactic. In all likelihood, the big upcoming patch (which will apparently include more than 150 individual map improvements) will bolster the building, but to add to a huge list of complaints for players who are already frustrated with Battlefield 2042. This is another bug.

2042 hasn’t been received with much love: its 40,000 Steam users right now have an average of ‘mostly negative’ review ratings, and it has been disaster is called by more than one publication. A long list of alleged shortcomings is being copied and pasted across the web, creating the impression that Battlefield 2042 is quantitatively worse than its predecessors. In that context, every new bug or balance complaint, however vague or surface-level, can be taken as a negative number that leaves Battlefield 2042 in debt.


For example, players and the press recently reacted to the destructive power of the NWT-50 sniper rifle, pointing out that the level 60 unlocked can destroy tanks faster than the M5 rocket launcher. “Add this to the list of revived bugs, hit detection woes, and spawn glitches,” Kotaku wrote,

I highly recommend going on a hovercraft spree whenever you can: it’s getting an armor nerf this weekend.

The M5 rocket launcher can feel hopelessly underpowered, but the missing context here is that the NWT-50 is a primary weapon supposed to be a tank killer, while the M5 is a gadget that can be carried along with the primary weapon. The NWT-50 isn’t the best anti-infantry rifle, so choosing it essentially makes you a special vehicle killer, which honestly sounds like a lot of fun to me. There’s a way to tweak these two damage knobs to improve Battlefield 2042, and the NWT-50 will see a nerf in an upcoming patch, but the difference in power between the primary weapon and the gadget isn’t a bug or an oversight, its Despite being presented as one.

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Another balance complaint isn’t so complicated: Hovercrafts are godlike. The dominance of inflated tubes is so apparent that DICE announced it was shutting down the floating fort on the day of the official launch last Friday. Staff writer Morgan Parks and I enjoyed some major victory demonstrations the other day by gliding in the decidedly OP but very fun aerial yachts, at one point catching a ride in a tornado and gliding back to land. If you’ve been playing, I highly recommend that you go on a hovercraft spree while you still can: It’s getting an armor nerf this weekend. The NWT-50 rifle will be discontinued sometime in December.

It is normal for multiplayer shooters to receive balance changes in their first patch, and continuously as long as they are being updated. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a game released in 2012, got a major gun balance update April 2020, For me, part of the fun of playing the game at launch is experimenting with a meta that hasn’t been tested in the wild yet.

3_hovercraft_on_a_building_pushing_each_other From r/battlefield2042

Where players fall on a few balance questions, such as whether it makes sense to let players drive vehicles on rooftops, is less about competition and what kind of game they think the battlefield should be. I spent a lot of time in Battlefield 3 practicing jet stunts and catching air in Battlefield 2042 jeeps, so I tend to fall on the silly side, but approaches differ. The only complaint I’ve seen from other Battlefield fans is that 2042 doesn’t take itself too seriously.

“Reminds me more of Mario Party than War Games,” said one Reddit poster, refer to a screenshot “Three hovercraft on a building are pushing each other like bumper cars in an amusement park,” which sounds like a great time to me.

Players continue to report performance issues as well. DICE acknowledged today that Battlefield 2042 is restrictively CPU bound, saying that some players with high-end hardware “are not seeing the benefits of consistent, higher framerates.” I experienced some annoying framerate dips earlier today, but I’ve otherwise been pretty stable on my RTX 2070 Super and Core i5-9600K at around 80 fps. There’s work to be done, for sure.

As someone who likes sweeping changes, Battlefield 2042 hasn’t been a “disaster” in my experience.

I haven’t trudged through any major latency spikes lately, though there are weird, hard-to-reproduce issues that seem to happen randomly to me. At one point I encountered a seemingly invincible player, and in a particularly frustrating moment, I was unable to throw a grenade after skydiving with perfect form behind a tank. It can take a lot of patience, luck, and skill to pull off great maneuvers in Battlefield games, so when obvious bugs ruin them, players are understandable. I know I’m hooked by this, although these discrepancies aren’t enough for me to ruin the game.

Other bugs I find, like the hovercraft being able to drive up vertical walls, are funny, and part of Battlefield’s rich history of creative vehicle play. For some, however, any deviation from expectation is more evidence that Battlefield 2042 was built hastily, inefficiently built, or that the developers are indifferent.

An excerpt from the Battlefield 2042 complaints list that is circulating. (image credits: Valve)

My read on this is that fans of Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 5 are grappling with DICE’s decision to simplify the game and make it more playground-like, with a redesigned scoreboard for personalized display. and introduce specialist characters, which can be seen as the most cynically goofy trend-chasing for future cosmetic sales. Starting from that spot of conflict, bugs and balance complaints become proof that something is wrong this time around, and not just the usual amount of wrong.

As someone who likes sweeping changes, though, Battlefield 2042 hasn’t been a “disaster” in my experience. (If it’s a disaster, Call of Duty: Warzone was a black hole that sucked up the entire universe, considering how many exploits, cheats, and balance problems it had.) I think the experts are a fun addition, which I elaborate on that in my Battlefield 2042 review, and when I get to have squadmates in Discord, things are way better than when I’m doing it alone. It is best played with friends, although I have enjoyed it both ways.

However, I miss the old scoreboard, and it’s become impossible for DICE to ignore the negative reaction to the BF2042’s changes. The developer said in a blog post that it is open to returning “legacy features” in future updates. “Features like end-of-match scoreboards, server browsers, and voice chat are big topics for us to cover all at once, and we have a lot to say around them,” DICE said.

The studio also announced a number of changes and improvements coming in the next two patches. Whether this will turn up any views remains to be seen, but it’s good news for those of us who already love the game. Unless the updates spoil Battlefield 2042 in any way, which is the precedent for this: a certain Battlefield 5 patch was so poorly received that it was withdrawn. I’ll hope for the best while I get some more OPs before hovercraft nerf.

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