The Stellaris ‘Lem’ update brings a new strategy of free updates to past DLC

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The latest update for Stellaris, the 3.1 ‘LEM’ release, brings an overhaul of some existing free features, as well as a new strategy for dealing with space grand strategy and updates to 4X.

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The Empire traditions have been changed, allowing players to choose from seven of 11 trees during the course of the game. The LEM update also brings new civilian types to a bunch of previous DLCs: Plantoids, Humanoids, and Necroids all have three new or reworked modes to play, such as a clone army of humanoids, or a species of plants. Which can stay away from stellar radiation.

Most notably, there’s new content and rebalancing for the old paid features. Love it or hate it, Paradox Interactive funds the long-term development of its grand strategy games by selling expansions as DLC. Lots of detail. In recent years that strategy has been widely criticized for unbalancing the game over time as only a fraction of the player base has access to certain features, or because of subsequent upgrades to older DLC features becoming irrelevant and gets old.


Stellaris is trying to fix that, with these latest upgrades handled by a subset of the Stellaris team, whose job it is to focus on polishing and maintaining existing content. It’s a new approach that fans of the studio’s games will likely watch closely. You can read about it on Paradox’s website, and you can read its description lem update on steam, or the full patch notes on Paradox’s forum.

Paradox has been in the news for some controversy recently, as a survey revealed internal turmoil at the Swedish game developer following the CEO’s departure, then this week a public apology was issued by the returning CEO.

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