The ultimate T-Mobile iPhone 13 Pro Max hack could get you Apple's highest-end phone for free

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If you absolutely need the iPhone 13 Pro Max, and you already have the 12 Pro Max, you can use this offer to cover the cost of the phone.

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Apple iPhone 13 line now available for preorder, and the most exciting thing is obviously business proposal. While this year’s phone is more of a refinement than last year’s iPhone 12 line, those who crave to be on that bleeding edge can get what’s essentially free. iphone 13 pro max By making a trade-in that includes up to $1,290 toward the phone.

Let me tell you that it is not for everyone. In fact, it is quite distinctive. you have to buy one iphone 12 pro max And be such a phone enthusiast that you already know you want to upgrade to the 13 Pro Max, even if it’s not quite as significant a leap as, say, Going from iPhone X or iPhone XS.

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You must either be interested in switching to T-Mobile or are already an existing T-Mobile customer, and you want to sign up for (or agree to keep) their Magenta Max plan – which includes HD Includes perks like- Netflix and 4K video streaming levels over a cellular connection.

So are you a big fan of the phone who wants even the most expensive T-Mobile plan? If so, here’s what you can do to get the iPhone 13 Pro Max for essentially free.


T-Mobile’s iPhone 12 Pro Max offer is listed on Apple’s website.

First, start shopping for iPhone 13 Pro Max directly from Apple’s website. When you do, select T-Mobile to get details on the trade in offer, which states the iPhone 12 Pro Max comes with up to $1,290 in credits. If your phone is in good condition (meaning no broken screen or other damage), $790 of that will come from Apple. The remaining $500 will come from T-Mobile as bill credit.

Credits are being given regardless of the storage capacity of your iPhone 12 Pro Max, so if you bought the 128GB version last year for $1,099, you might be able to trade in up to the 256GB version of the 13 Pro Max and part of it. can pay for. Make phone calls

For the first $790, Apple will either give you that as an instant credit if you choose to pay for the phone in monthly installments or as a credit after you trade in the 12 Pro Max. Once the Apple deal part is set, you’ll receive a promo code to enter T-Mobile’s website over the course of 24 months (a little less than $21 per month) to receive the remaining $500. Bill will be received as credit.


The T-Mobile offer listed on Apple’s website also shows trade-in offers if you’re handing over an iPhone X or an iPhone 11.

Yes, as is often the case since “death” two year contractIf you want to get the full $500, you have to be on T-Mobile for those 24 months. But $1,290 should cover the cost of the 256GB iPhone 13 Pro Max, or a few hundred more for a 512GB or 1TB option.

This method also takes you into T-Mobile’s “Forever Upgrade” program that guarantees your new Pro Max will be worth at least $800 in two years, should you want to trade it in the carrier.

A hidden twist for bargain-seekers on last year’s 12 Pro Max

Here your mileage may vary further. We asked T-Mobile on Friday whether this promotion hinges on prior deals the carrier offered over the last year for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. He said yes, and if it does, you can pocket whatever hype you were getting and cover the iPhone 13 Pro Max with new credit.

As long as you stay with T-Mobile for the remainder of that funding period (which you probably plan on getting the $500 discount discussed above), you’ll still be able to get those credits. No matter where you trade. Call Apple.

Note that if you switch before your period ends, you’ll forfeit the T-Mobile credit from the Apple deal and be on the hook for the remaining balance. Carrier math!

In my personal experience, when I called T-Mobile’s customer service, I was told that in order to trade-in it would require that I pay off the balance on the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which I bought last summer. Bought with a $500 bill credit that is being spread. more than two years. As a result, I highly recommend existing T-Mobile customers call their support line to make sure this promotional path works for you, especially if you’re already receiving a discount.

Would you consider this upgrade to remain on the bleeding edge? Or do you prefer your current iPhone or Android phone? Tell us in the comments.

Eli Blumenthal contributed to this story.

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