The Umbrella Academy season 3 art teases the saddest entry yet

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Umbrella Academy Season 3 is set to launch on Netflix later this year — and it looks like we won’t be prepared for the amount of heartbreak we’re going to get into.

Posting a new storyboard image to his Instagram account on January 12, showrunner Steve Blackman kicked fans into a frenzy about what Actually The Umbrella Academy is going down in Season 3. And, given that the image shows Allison Hargreaves, one of the group’s superpowers, crying and looking sad, it looks like the next entry for the hit Netflix show could be Very Really emotional.


Check out the image below, which was produced by the series’ storyboard artist Nimit Malvia:

A post shared by Steve Blackman (@steveblackmantv) on

on. a photo posted by

Of course, it’s hard to determine who or what upset Allison in this particular scene. But fans of The Umbrella Academy are clearly concerned, with many of the replies to Blackman’s post reading along the lines of “Nooo Allison” and “It must have something to do with Claire” — that is, Claire is Allison’s estranged daughter.

With the launch of The Umbrella Academy Season 3 on Netflix this year, marketing has begun on Netflix’s most popular superhero/fantasy TV series. Earlier in the year, character posters for The Sparrow Academy — a superhero group with what appears to be powers similar to the Hargreeves siblings, but who exist in a different universe — were posted online.

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One sheet doesn’t reveal too much about these mysterious characters, but we suspect they’ll be competing with The Umbrella Academy to get the attention of their father — aka Sir Reginald Hargreaves.

Hopefully, it won’t take us long to figure out why Allison is so upset over the show’s most recent concept art. There is no official release date for Umbrella Academy Season 3 yet. But, with the marketing campaign of the series slowly coming to an end, teaser is starting to make us believe a teaser trailer. And The launch date is not far away.

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ANALYSIS: Is Umbrella Academy Season 3 Release Date Announced Soon?

It’s hard to say. We know it’s coming out in 2022 and, with the release of The Sparrow Academy poster and this storyboard image of Blackman, fans have a feeling the release date will be announced sooner, not later.

But we don’t expect Umbrella Academy Season 3 launch date or teaser trailer to arrive any time soon. Netflix is ​​notorious for closely monitoring release dates Any Regarding their movies and TV shows – so much so that the streaming giant usually drops them online without teasing their arrival ahead of time.

A perfect example of this marketing strategy is Ozark Season 4, which launched on Netflix on January 21, but only received its first teasers in mid-December. An official Ozark Season 4 trailer didn’t even come online until January 7, providing further evidence that Netflix likes to keep viewers waiting (and speculating) about when their favorite shows will return.

So Umbrella Academy Season 3 is sure to be treated the same way. we Hope That’s an official release date and teaser trailer to be released soon, but we can’t hold our breath. For now, we’ll have to take whatever little bit of news or news we come across in our lap, and pray to the ‘Brilli’ gods that we catch a glimpse of the show’s third season in the near future.

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