Unidentified flying objects, or UFOs, have been a major part of popular culture around the world for decades. The terminology used for any aircraft that the local government is unable to accurately identify is often correlated with aliens and covert government projects, with series such as J.J. D-bunk and dive into the myths surrounding it. There is a lot of mystery and unknown information about UFOs and how these unusual cases are handled, which the US government is apparently taking very seriously.

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UFOs have been a part of pop culture myths for centuries, with their connection to alien life forms gaining in popularity largely during the years following World War 2. Since the UFO boom in the late 1940s, aliens and UFOs have been commonly seen in movies, television shows. , and video games, with huge franchises like star trek Born out of a growing interest in the vastness of outer space. While the existence of these UFOs and their connection to the little green men in saucer-shaped ships remains questionable, the US government recently set up an official task force dedicated to the study and identification of UFOs.


The US government recently announced the formation of the Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group, AOIMSG, an official government-run agency dedicated to UFOs. The released statement expressed the group’s intention to “synchronize efforts across the US government” toward detecting and identifying unidentified flying objects. The AOIMSG will be designed to address the challenges faced by UFOs by identifying and assessing any potential threat to national security, as well as identifying objects near the official training ground.

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The US government has taken a remarkable interest in UFOs and outer space over the past two years. In late 2019, the US government officially established the ‘Space Force’, also known as the Guardian, as a space-focused branch of the United States military. The Space Force serves as the successor to the US Air Force’s already established space program, the program often working with NASA, the US government’s other space-focused arm, in the study of outer space.

Like the explosion of alien-themed movies in the years following the UFO boom of the 1940s and 50s, aliens and UFOs have often been depicted in video games. love the franchise Destroy all humans! pokes fun at the myths surrounding the original concept of aliens, while many space-spanning franchises prefer aura, Metroid, And star Craft Can all be linked to pop culture’s obsession with aliens. While the idea of ​​a UFO task force may seem like a ridiculous pop culture concept at first, the organization will eventually try to shed some light on those mysterious objects in the sky.

Source: New York Post

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