The Windows 11 Black Screen of Death will become blue again

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Windows 11 doesn’t have the smoothest launch. Since release, each Patch Tuesday has been packed with a long list of bug fixes, tweaks and updates. Ars Technica took the time to read through (too long) of change For a build that will be released in the preview channel and find it a bit:

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When a device stops working or a stop error occurs, as in previous versions of Windows, we changed the screen color to blue.

Anyone who has spent time with a PC knows the Blue Screen of Death all too well. Something went terribly wrong! Most gamers have experienced a BSOD thanks to a problem with the device driver, an aggressive overclock or faulty hardware.


For some reason, Microsoft opted to change the traditional blue screen to black screen in Windows 11. Obviously, he never said why he made the change, but the reasoning is as simple as offering another way to make Windows 11 feel ‘new’. Along with the rest of the UI overhaul. Perhaps equally puzzling is why it is chosen to revert back to the blue screen. Did users respond by asking Microsoft for the repatriation? ‘Hey Microsoft, I want my Crash Blue!’ Blue screen nostalgia is apparently a thing.

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The blue screen of death is a part of the Windows experience. Its origins go back to Windows 1.0. It has evolved over the years with debugging and QR codes that can help users determine the cause of a problem. Later Windows versions added a sad face emoticon, such that the sense of shock and dread when your screen flashed that damned blue wasn’t enough.

If you haven’t made the move to Windows 11, check out our review. Although it’s far from perfect, Microsoft is making it better. Not that you want to see it, but Windows Update will include a ‘new’ blue screen in a near future public release, possibly within weeks.

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