There’s a super-surprising Supergirl in DC’s Dark Knights of Steel #2

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Writers Tom Taylor and Yasmin Putri’s Dark Knights of Steel is a fun alternate world romp (which DC likes to call “Ellsworlds”) that features one of today’s most popular story devices – iconic superheroes, characters, and twists on the plot. and on 7 December Black Knights of Steel #2, Taylor and daughter offer a fun twist on the Superman-Supergirl relationship, as well as a surprising romantic partner for the Wonder Woman of that world.

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Spoiler ahead for Dark Knights of Steel #2


The Dark Knights of Steel is set in a medieval-like/fantasy world in which many recognizable DC characters appear in roles familiar compared to their contemporary status quo – but with the aforementioned medieval twist.

Black Lightning, Batman and all his Robins, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Harley Quinn, and more all appear, the biggest difference between the worlds of the Dark Knights of Steel and the DC Universe most fans know is Superman’s mother. – Lara accompanies baby Kal in a spaceship to escape the destruction of Father Jor-El and Krypton.

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Descending into this medieval-like world, Jor-El and Lara end up as emperors of an empire at war with a rival nation led by Black Lightning.

Set in #1 shortly after Jor-El is murdered by an assassin, known as the Green Man (possibly but not yet fully depicted as the Green Lantern of this world) and Oliver (Green Arrow, of course). Known in And Lois Lane is sent to the Amazon Islands to report Jor-El’s death.

There, readers meet the Dark Knights of Steel incarnation of Diana/Wonder Woman, who looks a lot like the traditional DC Universe’s Supergirl/Kara Zor-El – but in reality who surprisingly appears to be Princess Zala, Jor-El’s daughter. Appears as and Kal-El’s sister.

that makes him superman Second The siblings are to be introduced in the first two issues of the series – and the first brand new character to be introduced as a Kryptonian sibling to Kal-El, albeit in a reality.

Zala, like her brother Kal, has yet to secretly discover Bruce Wayne as his half-brother (as revealed in the final pages of the first issue), who quickly becomes DC’s own super-Game of Thrones genre. becoming epic.

The pair briefly mourn Jor-El’s murder, and Diana comforts Zala, revealing that Diana and Zala are lovers and partners before Zala takes off.

The moment adds a second evocation of the Earth-Prime continuity and its traditional relationship and is a funny twist to the decades-long flirtation between Superman and Wonder Woman over their history, which is entirely in the context of the “New 52” era. Man of Steel’s longtime relationship with publisher Lois Lane and Clark and Diana officially resumed during the season but briefly became a couple.

And while it’s not Kara per se, the moment can be seen as DC’s answer. one more Supergirl’s version of The WB’s live-action Cara Danvers, whose romantic relationship with Lena Luthor, which was never fully taken onscreen, despite loyal fans vying for confirmation of their romance before the series ended last month – A media trope sometimes referred to as ‘queer-baiting’. ’ in which the characters are implied to be queer with stories and themes concerning queer fans, without affirming the character’s sexuality or place in the queer community.

The comic book version of Cara/Supergirl herself is somewhat of a lesbian icon. And although she has never been portrayed as outwardly queer, she has previously been perceived as ‘queer-coded’, despite no official confirmation of the character’s sexuality, due to her story and personality. Aspects pertains to queer fans.

In the 2016-2017 out-of-continuity of producers Mariko Tamaki and Joel Jones Supergirl: Being Super In the limited series, Kara is not explicitly codified as queer, although writer Tamaki relates the feelings and experiences of her version of Supergirl to her own experience as a queer woman.

The Supergirl-Wonder Woman relationship and passionate kiss have also fueled DC’s ongoing embrace of the LGBTQIA+ community in recent years, and especially in 2021. The publisher recently reunited fan-favourite couple Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, and introduced high-profile, attention-grabbing tales that all featured Alan Scott/Green Lantern, Tim Drake/Red Robin, and John Kent/Superman. Begin the journey of discovering and embracing your weirdness.

We’ll see where Zala’s relationship with Tomorrow and Diana goes in the coming issues, but it may not be all idyllic sibling love and romantic love, as in the final pages of this issue, Zala plays Black Lightning’s son. was killed directly in retaliation for the murder of Her father. It appears that King Jefferson Pierce killed Jor-El based on the prophecy of his advisor Constantine around the aliens-versus-magic-users feud between the kingdoms.

Zala having Black Lightning’s son dropped from the sky almost gleefully to his death would certainly escalate the war between the kingdoms and complicate their relationship.

But you’ll have to wait until January’s Dark Knights of Steel #3 to find out.

Despite the brevity of the relationship, the Wonder Woman-Superman pairing still makes her one of the The most iconic superhero couple of all time,

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