These bricktastic PS5 and Xbox Series X Lego sets could become a reality

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If you thought the Super Mario 64 Lego set was awesome, you’re in for a treat. A creative Lego builder has come up with designs for the PS5 and Xbox Series X Lego sets – and they are pretty impressive.

Twitch streamer and Lego aficionado Brickinnick revealed Twitter That he has submitted two designs for the Lego Ideas project: one for a PS5 Lego set and another for an Xbox Series X Lego set (via GameInformer).


The sets themselves are great—though they’ll need some polishing before they hit store shelves. The PS5 design is made up of a very realistic (for Lego) recreation of the PlayStation 5 console and DualSense controller. Similarly, the Xbox Series X is made up of the Xbox Wireless Controller and Xbox Series X console recreations. But what we like best about these designs are the details, such as the batteries in the controllers and video game scenes hidden inside the console.

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However, these sets are not yet a reality; The Lego Ideas program requires 10,000 supporters to be considered and, at the time of writing, both designs have less than 1,000. If you want to see these sets become a reality, visit the design pages, sign up for free and click support – it’s completely free.

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LEGO Ideas allows LEGO fans to submit their design ideas for consideration to become a real set. When an idea receives 10,000 supporters, the design is reviewed by LEGO experts, who (if they deem suitable) can give the design the green light. In that scenario, the original designer collaborates with Lego designers to finalize the design and bring it to the store.

This process can take years, with new designers encouraged to “create a buzz” around their designs. Some examples of Lego sets that began as Lego Ideas designs include the Yellow Submarine and the Ghostbusters ECTO-1 set.

Opinion: The Rise of Lego Gaming

Gaming-themed Lego sets have seen a surge in popularity in recent years, with Lego teaming up with Nintendo to produce the Super Mario Lego set, a recreation of the NES and the incredibly cool Super Mario? block set.

We’re hoping that, given the popularity of these Mario sets, we’ll see Lego expand into even more gaming-themed designs. And it looks like this might be what’s on the horizon, with rumors Lego 11 is working on a new gaming-themed Lego set — which includes late additions to the Overwatch range.

It’s not clear exactly what these sets might be, but there are certainly plenty of ideas for the company to draw inspiration from the Lego Ideas website, including Sea of ​​Thieves, The Legend of Zelda, and PlayStation 2 designs.

And remember, if you’re a Lego enthusiast with a great idea, you can submit your own design on Lego Ideas – although I’m not sure anyone would want to make my Hitman kill set…

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