This all-in-one smart door boasts built-in Ring and Yale gadgets

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Many of us think of the front door of our home in terms of components, adding doorbells, peepholes, lighting, smart locks and so on, but rarely do we consider the door to be a smart unit. considered as. Now, Masonite International is thinking about the front door in exactly the same way, announcing today at CES 2022 that it’s building the first smart door for home use and two of the biggest names in smart entry tech to do it. Partnering with: Ring and Yale.

Masonite is working with Ring and Yale on smart doors.
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According to news released by the company, the cryptically named Masonite M-PwrTM Smart Doors are the first residential exterior doors to integrate power, LED lights, Ring Video Doorbell and Yale Smart Lock into the door system. Fully integrated Ring video doorbells and Yale smart locks don’t require separate device batteries, which is a significant change from the aftermarket consumer models we buy today.

“The launch of the Masonite M-PwrTM Smart Doors is a milestone event in which we believe it will fundamentally change the expectations of homeowners for their exterior doors,” said Howard Haykes, President and CEO. “The revolutionary technology of these doors gives families the peace of mind to stay connected and always be safe.”


The door system will be wired to the home’s electrical system, and will have a battery backup that will last for 24 hours so that everything will work even when the power is turned off. Thanks to a companion app, homeowners can remotely monitor, lock or unlock a door, check a door to see if it’s ajar, adjust lighting, and more. Can also spot package.

Masonite M-PWRTM smart doors are already in use in some new home construction by Barringer Homes in the Plaza Midwood neighborhood of Charlotte, North Carolina, with more builder partner announcements expected this year.

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Fiberglass doors are available in a variety of styles, colors and finishes, including many glass options.

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