This Amazon Black Friday offer is secretly the best Kindle deal

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The Kindle Oasis (left) is $175 or $75 off, while the new Kindle Paperwhite 2021 (right is $105 or $35 off). But the best deal may still be the new Paperwhite Kids at $115 ($45 off).

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Amazon recently released New Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader With a big screen which I really liked. it is on sale now $105 Or $35 off its list price. Additionally, Amazon’s high end Kindle Oasis E-Reader is down $175 ($75 off), matching its low price. but i still think that the new Paperwhite Kids Feather $115 Or $45 off the best Kindle deal currently. That’s because it comes with one year of Amazon Kids Plus as well as cover and two years of free damage insurance, the subscription service formally known as FreeTime Unlimited. Even if you’re an adult without kids and don’t care about Kids Plus, getting a cover for an extra $10 and no-question damage insurance is a better value.

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Entry Level Kindle Kids Also on sale it’s only $60 ($50 off) while Non-kids version $50 . is on sale for) Those models don’t quite have the resolution of the step-up Paperwhite, so text doesn’t look as sharp on screen as it does with the Paperwhite or the high-end Oasis. But it has an integrated light and is a totally good e-reader.

There are a few different case options available for both the Kindle Kids Edition and the Paperwhite Kids, all of which are great and some that adults might like. There’s also a simple black option for the Paperwhite kids that anyone will love.

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