This full RTX 3060 gaming PC is cheaper than some RTX 3060 graphics cards on Ebay

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The fact that you can get this RTX 3060-powered Black Friday gaming PC for the same price as some second-hand RTX 3060 graphics cards going on eBay is what you need to know about the GPU market. that’s horrible. The perfect example of why we’re recommending buying a prebuilt gaming PC if you’re in the market for a PC upgrade – you’re just not going to be able to buy the graphics card you want for anything like a reasonable price. are price.

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Just look at just how much Black Friday graphics card ‘deals’ are. There are only very high-end GPUs available for anything close to the MSRP that they currently are, but who can afford them?

This is the reason that HP Pavilion Gaming PC $550 . starting from Such a breath of fresh air. It’s a simple desktop made for those who just want to play a few games. It’s not included in RGB LEDs, aggressively styled, just a nice, restrained PC tower with a decent discount and an unaffordable price tag.

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It’s also worth noting that if you pick it up today it will ship just in time for Christmas. right now. Right now it ships on December 14th, with HP stating on the page that if you want your shiny new PC before Santa’s birthday (that’s what it’s Christmas for, right?) ex.

HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop

HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop | AMD Ryzen 3 5300G | AMD RX 5500 4GB| 8GB RAM (dual-channel) | 256GB SSD | $649.99 $549.99 on HP (Save $100)

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It’s also a really budget PC, but with it comes 1080p gaming capability and the option to upgrade the line. It’s also a fully-fledged AMD machine, and the 5300G and RX 5500 combo should prove decent if you’re really planning on getting into CS:GO or League of Legends.

The base configuration itself is a great price, offering a true gaming PC with 1080p chops, for just $550. With this you get an AMD Ryzen quad-core, eight-thread APU, a 256GB SSD, and 8GB of dual-channel DDR4 RAM. The GPU for this base is the RX 5500, which is a last-gen rDNA card with a surprising amount of oomph for a low-end GPU.

But upgrades are yet to happen, and we’d recommend hooking up that graphics card to the RTX 3060 right away. It’s a true RTX 6-series GPU with 12GB of GDDR30 memory, and some serious gaming credentials.

HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop | Ryzen 3 5300G | RTX 3060 | 8GB RAM (dual-channel) | 256GB SSD | $969.99

HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop | Ryzen 3 5300G | RTX 3060 | 8GB RAM (dual-channel) | 256GB SSD | $969.99 $869.99 on HP (Save $100)
Set the graphics card to the RTX 3060 in the configuration screen, and you can get a 30-series gaming PC for just $870—a $100 savings over the usual price. You’ll ideally want to bump up the CPU to the Ryzen 5 5600G, the RAM to 16GB, and the SSD to the 512GB model as well, but you’ll soon find yourself way over $1,000 if you do.

eBay carries the price of second-hand versions of that card, thanks to resellers, but there are more options to beef up APU choice, RAM, or SSD. A 512GB drive would be a worthy addition, but would only take you a little over the $900 mark.

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