This is why the Nintendo Switch OLED enhanced speakers sound so good

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One of the biggest surprises of the Nintendo Switch OLED is how great the newly upgraded speakers are. They’re a massive improvement over the original Switch’s speakers and mean you don’t need to grab a pair of headphones right away while playing your favorite games.

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But why do the Nintendo Switch OLED Enhanced Speakers sound so good compared to previous models?

In a Q&A discussing the development of the Nintendo Switch OLED, deputy general manager of technology developer Toru Yamashita explained how the company opted for a custom closed-type speaker solution in the Switch OLED, similar to the open-type one used in the past. The type was opposite to the speaker. .

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“The parts of the speaker themselves had changed. If you listen and compare them, you’ll be able to see the difference,” Yamashita-san said. “In order to use the replaced speaker, we had to redesign the mechanism that produced the sound and surrounds the speaker. towards the structure.

“The screen is bigger, but it means less space inside the console. So it was a lot of work from a technical point of view to improve the audio. However, for people playing multiplayer games in tabletop mode or for people playing in handheld mode. For this, we wanted to make the audio more clear, as well as make the screen much bigger and easier to see.

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And that’s certainly what we found in our Nintendo Switch OLED review. Yamashita-san says the upgraded speakers deliver a punchy, clear sound at high volumes, and that’s only possible due to the closed-type speakers Nintendo is using.

“Speakers produce sound from both front and back by their vibration. Closed-type speakers produce a clear sound by preventing the collision of front and rear sound.” Yamashita-san explains. “These closed types are also often used in smartphones and tablets, but those devices mostly use speakers that are already built into a closed format and included as such.

“But, in order to adopt speakers that are as close as possible within the confined space inside the Nintendo Switch – OLED models producing satisfactory audio quality and acoustic pressure, we have to use the structure of the console and design a sealed space.” Was needed. Back yourself. ”

Analysis: One of the Switch OLED’s best features

Even though the Nintendo Switch OLED misses the mark in several aspects — no improvements when playing in TV mode, no graphical upgrades to speak of, and an awesome new game card slot that’s hard to open — the console still The best Nintendo Switch version to date.

While it’s hard to recommend the Switch OLED to those who already own Nintendo’s hybrid console, the gorgeous OLED panel, enhanced speakers, redesigned kickstand, and extra storage at least make it an attractive proposition, albeit necessary. Not there.

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