This Minecraft map turns the blocky builder into a rad Doom game

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You can run Doom on anything these days – pregnancy test, ATM machine, Twitter – if it exists, you can play a ’90s shooter on it. They’re all totally fine and cool, but this Minecraft adventure map might just be my new favorite way to play Doom.

Doomed: Demons of the Netherland was created by solo developer Sibogie in two years and about 1,200 hours. It takes a good amount of inspiration from the new Doom games, but Sigobi pointed out pcgameno That they still wanted a clear distinction between id Software’s shooter and their own interpretation. “I didn’t want to copy 1:1 because you could also play Doom at the time. If something sounded like fun I looked to implement it,” he said.


The single-player map consists of four levels which are through Mars, The Foundry, UAC Facility, and Netherland. Sigobi has implemented a bunch of stuff throughout the map, including cutscenes, boss fights, collectibles and weapons with tons of weapons that you have to manage. He noted how “Minecraft’s limitations were the main challenges,” with key Neo-Doom features such as Glory Kills and Dashing having to be sold. Considering that this is an adventure map and not a mod, Sigobi has done a fantastic job of working within the confines of the game and creating a great game.

The map is out now and you can get it here Planet Minecraft, about setting it on with an easy way Maps website, As Sigobi mentioned earlier, this is an adventure map and not a mod, which means you should be able to get it working relatively easily. It’s always impressive to see what people are able to do in a game as simple as Minecraft—like a recent replica of Genshin Impact’s Mondstead that took five months to build.

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