This new Dwarf Fortress video has me more excited than ever for the graphical update

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I’ve been patient since March 2019, when Dwarf Fortress creator Tarn Adams announced That this game will come to Steam with a brand new graphical interface. Adams has since released a steady stream of update videos and screenshots showing the work in progress, but this latest one has finally made me grab my hands to speed up and say “give it to me now” on my monitor. inspired to. This Dwarf Fortress’s big change is visible—and just as important, look-Fabulous.

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Dwarf Fortress famously used ASCII symbols instead of art, but it featured a very sparse soundtrack of just two songs played by Adams on acoustic guitar. The Steam version of the game is expanding on the music with graphics, and the 10-minute soundtrack in this new video is encouraging. It begins with an equally sparse acoustic guitar before laying in the atmospheric touch and exciting crescent. I don’t know who’s doing the soundtrack, but it makes me think of the music from composer Darren Korb’s Supergiant Games, and I mean that as a compliment.

The main purpose of the video is to show off the new desert biome tileset for the first time, and I think it looks quite cool. Dwarf Fortress is usually played from a pretty ‘zoomed-out’ perspective, so it’s not easy to recognize everything on the screen as the video bounces in and out of menus between the surface and the fortress. But hey: it has menus, and they look pretty easy to understand. So do mouse controls such as the drawing zone to specify a storage room or a place to dig dwarves.


There are probably a thousand little things left before Dwarf Fortress’ graphical release is complete, but it’s really starting to look ready. Hopefully, a year from now, I am not going to sit here holding hands.

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