This new Microsoft Teams update will make things easier for guests

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Microsoft is working on a new update for Microsoft Teams designed to improve the guest user experience in its increasingly popular online collaboration tool.

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For those unfamiliar, guest access allows businesses to access documents, resources, chat, and applications across teams and channels to people outside of their organization while maintaining control over their corporate data.

Guests can include partners, vendors, suppliers or consultants, and anyone who has a business account such as Azure Active Directory or an account for an email service such as Microsoft Outlook or Gmail can participate in the team as a guest.


Now tougher, Microsoft will give guests even more control over their experience by allowing them to decline invitations, initiate leave organization, and manage guest tenant lists.

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In a new post on the Microsoft 365 roadmap, the software giant has revealed that guests will now be able to do even more in Teams.

For example, guest users will now be able to decline a pending guest invite within the Teams app and when they click “Reject”, the Team Tenant list will not show the tenant with the pending invite in the Account Management tab. Guest users can now also initiate a Leaving Organization and when they click “Leave Organization” they will be directed how to leave a tenant from both the team and the company’s Azure portal.

Finally, guest users can now manage guest tenant lists in a team by choosing to hide or show guest tenants in the menu of Microsoft’s videoconferencing software.

Being able to collaborate with others from outside one’s organization is one of the best features in Teams and through this new update, which is expected to roll out in December, guests can take a closer look at their experience while doing so. There will be more control.

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