facepalm: Standalone liquid cooling kits have brought water cooling to the masses, but that doesn’t mean mixing H2O with electronics is always a good idea. Add live animals to the equation and you’re just asking for trouble.

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Aquarium chassis Y2 from Metalfish is a top-mounted aluminum computer case with a built-in aquarium that can support micro-ATX or mini-ITX builds. It is equipped with two 90mm cooling fans and can accommodate one 2.5″ hard drive as well as a dual-slot graphics card up to 200mm in length. CPU cooler height is limited to 90mm.

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I’ll be the first to admit that the Y2 chassis looks neat, but that’s about all I’m willing to go for.

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Ignoring the obvious danger associated with unnecessarily adding water to your computer case, heat must also be considered. I’m not a marine biologist, but I’m pretty sure that constant temperature fluctuations for fish are bad for their health.

This is not the first Water-themed Metalfish chassis. aptly named fish cube also designed to keep fish in the same enclosure as the PC, but placing them side by side rather than top to bottom.

Even more amusing is the fact that Metalfish was not the first to bring an aquarium-themed computer case to market. Almost 20 years ago, premium aluminum chassis manufacturer Lian Li released the PC-6010 ATX case with an optional aquarium side panel for $99.

While Lian Li’s chassis was just as sketchy in terms of risk, it notably relied on colorful plastic fish rather than real ones. It also came with a fish circulation pump, cold cathode lighting, and even plastic gravel to complete the look.

Most of specifications of Y2 are printed in Chinese on brochure style images, which cannot be easily translated. It appears to use a Flex power supply and has RGB lighting as well as LED aquarium lights up top. There’s also a USB-powered pump/oxygenator and a remote control for RGB lighting.