This Victrola turntable promises to make playing vinyl a walk in the park

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Getting into vinyl can seem like a daunting prospect for novice record enthusiasts—but Victrola’s latest record player may make it easier than ever.

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The new Victrola Premiere V1 is an all-in-one music system that can spin your records, stream your vinyl wirelessly to external Bluetooth speakers, and even boost your TV’s audio. could.

It combines a turntable with built-in stereo speakers and a wireless subwoofer, eliminating the need for lots of annoying cables running around your room from your record player to your amp and speakers.


Combining old and new audio technologies, the music system features an illuminated dial that lets you select from a range of inputs—and thanks to an optical input, you can connect it to your home stereo or TV.

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According to Victrola, you can also control the system’s volume via an illuminated knob (though there’s also a remote included), with the Premiere V1 delivering rich bass and clear height with no jumble or needle skips. Is. And, if you don’t want to use the system’s built-in speakers, you can cast your recorded sound to an external Bluetooth speaker using the company’s VinylStream technology.

The built-in speakers can create vibrations that can distort the sound of your vinyl, but Victrola says its patent-pending anti-vibration belt drive system means this won’t be a problem. Meanwhile, a metal plate with a silicone slip mat should ensure that your records are not damaged.

While there is a clear emphasis on convenience with the Premiere V1, you should still enjoy tinkering with a traditional record player; For example, you can adjust the counterweight on your toner as much as your heart desires.

vinyl for the masses

All of that will set you back $499 / £399, which works out to around AU$700, although Australian pricing is yet to be confirmed. It may sound expensive, but a decent turntable with an external amp and stereo speakers usually costs less, if not more — not to mention the included subwoofer.

The only thing it’s missing is the ability to stream music from your phone to the music system’s built-in speakers—which will truly make the Premiere V1 a one-stop-shop for all your audio needs.

How sure the stereo separation will be remains to be seen. After all, the speakers are housed in a tiny package, and there may not be enough space between them to give you a real sense of the left and right channels from your music.

Still, it doesn’t look like the Premiere V1 is specifically aimed at audiophiles who would prefer the sound of a traditional setup. This is a record player setup for those who don’t want to dominate their living space with cables, or do a ton of research into the right amplifier to pair with their turntable.

Vinyl is enjoying a resurgence in popularity, and that means there’s a new generation of potential turntable enthusiasts out there—and by making its setup as simple as possible, Victrola could turn these fledgling vinyl lovers away from the convenience of streaming music. The warm, crackling sound of a spinning record.

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