This Week’s TechCrunch Podcasts: Layoffs, Crypto Slump, Insulting Investors, and Columbus, Ohio

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TechCrunch is more than just a website with words. We are also building a growing database of podcasts covering the most important topics in the world of startups and venture capital. To help you find the right show to suit your interests, we’ve put together the audio output of the week.

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Embedded below is the last of Chain reactionour new stellar crypto podcast hosted by Lucas as well as Anita. You will also find Founda long work that delves into the real saga of building a company, starting with Jordan as well as Darrell. There is only an audio version TechCrunch Live organized Matt in which founders and investors discuss successful presentations. Finally, there is ImpartialityTechCrunch’s longstanding Webby award-winning podcast focusing on venture capital and the latest startup news. Natasha, Mary Ann as well as Alex.

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And if you like the written rather than the spoken word, well we have newsletters also on the topics above.

TechCrunch Podcast

Episode 3: Why do people keep giving money to Adam Neiman? And other TechCrunch news

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Welcome back to the TechCrunch podcast, where you’ll hear everything you need to know about the week’s top tech stories from the people who wrote them. This week, our host, managing editor Darrell Etherington, chats with Natasha Mascarenhas about the ongoing tech layoffs, Anita Ramaswamy about WeWork founder Adam Neumann moving into the crypto space with a16z support, and Devin Kaldevi about AI-powered images. Plus a summary of the week’s top stories on TechCrunch.

Articles from the issue:

Other news of the week:


TechCrunch live podcast

Episode 6: How Olive changed 27 times on her way to $4 billion

olive a home-grown unicorn from Columbus, Ohio; hear from the CEO and lead investor how the company was founded and grown into an industry leader.

Sean Lane co-founded Olive in 2012 and signed with Chris Olsen of Drive Capital as the first investors of the company. Now, almost 10 years later, Olive has raised $856.3 million to become a driving force in the use of artificial intelligence in the healthcare industry. But the company’s path to success was not a straight line. As CEO Sean Lane explains at this TechCrunch Live special, the company changed positions 27 times before finding its current product to fit the market.

Lane explains the strategy behind the company’s change of direction and the emotional toil that goes into everyone involved, from employees to executives to investors.

Want to see the panel: Here is a video on YouTube.

Chain reaction

Episode 8: Founder of Outdoor Voices on scaling new crypto startup amid economic downturn (with Ty Haney)

Welcome back, this week Lucas and Anita argue about Coinbase’s latest governance strategies, whether the comparison to Do Kwon, dubbed the new Bernie Madoff, is fair, and why the OnlyFans founder is the latest web2 entrepreneur to transition to crypto.

In their interview this week, Anita and Lucas chat with Ty Haney. Haney is the founder of the Outdoor Voices sports empire, though she recently left the company to start a new job of getting brands to use NFT. We talked to her about building a cryptocurrency startup during the economic downturn, how to keep her company going strong, and how she transitioned from yoga pants to non-fungible tokens.

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Episode 60: Claire Coder, Aunt Flow

Claire Coder, Founder & CEO aunt flow joined us on found alive. Darrell, Jordan and Claire learned how she came up with the B2B model for Aunt Flow and talked about the importance of free and affordable menstruation products, something she often has to teach potential investors or clients. Claire also talked about how she has grown as a leader, learned to listen to her team’s feedback and improve the culture in Aunt Flow. And don’t forget to listen to the other Columbus, Ohio founders on TC City Spotlight on June 1 at 12:00 pm PT / 3:00 pm ET. Answer questions here.

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Episode 524: Sheryl Sandberg, Substack, and the Art of Grocery Fundraising

It’s been another lively week from the Equity team, which means the towering Mary Anninimitable Natashaand several interchangeable Alex everyone was chatting in real time, thanks Mercy as well as Julio the presence of a script and technologies that allow it to be done. And since we were live, we also started spending a little more time on the story than usual, which was a lot of fun.

What are we in? BUT a lot of:

  • End of an era: Sandberg resigns. from the Meta COO role.
  • Deals of the Week: Confirmation connects with stripe, felt raises $15 million for cards and Astro proves that fast product delivery is still relevant.
  • BUT new fund comes from an alumnus of Precursor Ventures, a firm we covered extensively on the podcast.
  • Last of substacka startup that we almost all use but are wondering in terms of valuation.
  • And we wrapped up notes from our recent spotlight Columbus, Ohio!

Promotions are mostly off next week, meaning there will be no show on Monday and some pre-recorded material will be taped for the rest of the week. Let’s take a break and come back refreshed. I hug and chat!

Episode 523: How Investors Are Playing Offense Right Now (Their Words, Our Five Cents)

hello and welcome back to Impartialitya podcast about the startup business where we unpack the numbers and nuances behind the headlines.

This is our Wednesday show where we stick to one topic, think about the issue and reveal the rest. This week we are trying something new. Natasha spent much of the past week at the All Raise VC Summit, an annual informal event that brings together the best and brightest in the investment community. After the summit, she sat down with Mandela S.H. Dixon – New CEO of All Raise — to reveal what happened and discuss how today’s changing venture capital market will affect various founders.

The first half of this episode is a conversation between Natasha and Mandela, and then we will continue Alex and turn to some ground clips from the top. Sound bytes from Jenny Lefcourt of Freestyle, Jennifer Neundorfer of January Ventures, Heidi Patel of Rethink Impact as well as Rebecca Kaden of Union Square Ventures will get classic stock treatment. Or, in other words, Alex and Natasha will react to what leading investors say about their plans for the next market cycle. It’s fun!

Episode 522: Faster Machine Learning Models, Cryptocurrency Mergers and Acquisitions, and On-Demand Pricing Perspectives

Today is Monday, which means Alex as well as Mercy are back as a team to cover tech’s biggest, boldest and worst news. We are back again with your weekly start! Here’s what we got ourselves into:

  • Read more about this week’s potential M&A boom in light of this recent CNBC article it got me thinking. Of course it looks like CVC history we track but a little more focused.
  • Chinese venture capital market take hits on the body, albeit from recent highs. However, it is more than easy to track the country’s regulatory actions to reduce venture capital activity.
  • Strong Compute raised money, highlighting the fact that early-stage companies can still receive funds, and that training machine learning models can bring huge unlocks. Which would be good for all of us.
  • And will on-demand pricing disappear soon? Things you look bad for a model that once challenged the dominance of SaaS.

Woo! Equity goes live this Thursday, so join us on Twitter Spaces or Hopin, okay? Communicate then!

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