Friday afternoon, THQ Nordic 6 upcoming games announced. those games include Destroy all humans! 2: Reprobedhandjob MX vs ATV: Legendshandjob SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shakehandjob Outcast 2 – A Fresh Beginninghandjob jagged alliance 3, And superpower 3. That’s a lot of announcements for a day, but it just so happens that THQ Nordic has a lot of game studios. In fact, to cap off the event, THQ Nordic teased that there are many more announcements coming — almost 5 times more.

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To kick off the THQ Nordic announcement event, following a confirmation on Twitter, the company revealed that there are 28 more games in development that have yet to be announced. This is different from the games THQ Nordic revealed earlier today. THQ Nordic isn’t offering any clues as to what those 28 games could be at this time. Regardless, considering how diverse are today’s 6 games, expect the remaining 28 to cover a wide range of genres and fandoms.


One exciting detail about which THQ Nordic offered a clue is when fans can expect to hear more details about the unannounced 28 games, or at least some of them. A fan on Twitter responded to THQ’s confirmation of the 28 games, asking the company to announce them in advance. THQ Nordic then responded to that request, saying to expect an announcement for “some of them” and “soon”. Another THQ Nordic announcement event could come much earlier.

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There’s another detail that THQ Nordic revealed about its upcoming 28 games. The list of titles does not include any games from THQ Nordic subsidiary HandyGames. HandyGames is best known for townspeople game franchise, but is a publisher based mostly out of Germany. It’s not entirely clear why THQ Nordic decided to specifically clarify that HandyGames was not included.

THQ Nordic has several other subsidiaries that may announce a new game in addition to HandyGames. That list includes Gunfire Games, developer Darksiders 3handjob Remains: From the ashes, And chronos, developer of bugbear games Wreck Fest, an open-world action-adventure game from Appeal Studios, a historical strategy/RPG from Ashbourne Games, a top-down ARPG codenamed Project Minerva spellforce 3 Developer Grimlore Games, and also the follow-up Kingdoms of Amalur: Recounted from Kaiko.

Needless to say, THQ Nordic has a lot of exciting projects in development, even with the limited information that has been made available. and if THQ Nordic It is believed that some of these announcements may happen sooner than expected.

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