Timerborn, a game about the cool cities beavers will build after we’re all dead, is now available on Steam

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When we all die, Beaver will inherit the Earth, or at least that’s what the developers mechanics think will go down. It just released Timberborn, a self-styled “lumberpunk” city builder, on Steam in Early Access. Timberborn is about the giant post-apocalyptic beaver who is rebuilding the Earth after all humans are long dead and gone.

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Beavers are clever engineers, and most of your job as a beaver city planner is to build dams, spillways, canals and more to control the flow of rivers to form new lakes and fill up reservoirs. Those reservoirs are important when drought strikes, because humanity has left the world terribly short of precious, precious fresh water. Irrigate the world also adds more arable land, so you can grow more crops and grow more trees to build more dams and irrigate more land, ad infinitum.

There are two factions in the release, Iron Teeth and Folktail, as well as some maps and a map editor so the community can build more. I’ve been playing this for about a week now, and I must say it’s a great dam as Early Access city builders go.


You can find Timberborn here Steamhandjob gog, And Epic.

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